Crazy wedding at The Haycock - with Ben and Kristina

From the moment I met Kristina I knew their wedding at the Haycock would be a little crazy - in a very good way!

Ben wasn't at the initial chat, but Kristina booked me on the spot nonetheless.

Apparently this got her in a little bit of trouble when she got home, but Ben and Kristina have a rule...

...they each get to do one naughty thing each year which the other person can't shout at them for.

...Apparently I was Kristina's one! 

Thankfully after the wedding Ben kindly told me that he'd forgiven Kristina for hiring me without his knowledge because he was happy with her decision too.

Kristina's reaction after booking me told me everything I needed to know about how much fun their wedding would be. We'd met at Costa Coffee in Serpentine Green and as we walked out with the deal done she started dancing down the main thoroughfare of the shopping centre in excitement. Literally dancing with her arms waving above her head. What a cool lass

She was particularly pleased because I'd offered to include a free Rock the frock / trash the dress session since Kristina is Lithuanian and I wanted to tick Lithuania off my ManKIND project. This is where I'm trying to do a random act of kindness for someone from (or with heritage from) every country on earth.

The wedding was wonderfully crazy too.

The morning all started so chilled. We were all sitting around in the honeymoon suite at The Haycock chatting like old buddies.

When it came time to put on the wedding dress we realised the lace to tie up the back of the dress wasn't with the dress. Or anywhere else to be found.

Two bridesmaids had to quickly run round the corner to Vow Bridal to borrow one.

The ceremony itself went well, although there was the odd snigger as the registrar tried to pronounce Kristina's surname which is Kevisaite. Yes, the second half does sound rude... let's leave it there.

Most of the group photographs involved Ben and Kristina doing all sorts of crazy stuff with her friends. There was even a testicle involved at one point... see if you can find it below...

The first dance was an awesome techno track that took me back to my youth. Check out Ben, Kristina and their friends raving in the photos below.

After all the craziness I'm not sure if I'm looking forward to their trash the dress session or not. They want to have a party and a bonfire in their back garden for it, so lord knows what's going to happen!

What am I saying? It's going to be legendary and I can't wait.