Vicky and Paul's Bassmead Manor Barns Wedding Photos

Two things leap out at me when I think back at Vicky and Paul's Bassmead Manor Barns wedding photos. Firstly they were quite possibly the two best and most natural and beautiful posers a photographer could wish for. Secondly Paul's speech was the best groom's speech I've ever heard.

While a best man's speech is meant to be funny a groom's speech is meant to be heartfelt and emotional. 

Paul managed to tick both boxes effortlessly. He systematically thanked everyone who'd helped them with the wedding and in their lives. Each person he thanked was reduced to a wobbling pool of tears because his words were so genuine. 

He didn't even have anything written down! 

So my advice for any groom is to write down a list of people to thank and then bullet point how they've helped you and how much they mean to you. Then speak from the heart and try to look them in the eye. Don't worry if tears well up in your eyes - it will make everyone love you even more than they already do, because it shows how much you care.

It's that openness and genuine emotion that makes the best wedding photos, so never be afraid to bear your soul a little.

Another example of this was that Vicky and Paul wrote each other a letter which they both read on the morning of the wedding just before they went in to the ceremony. What a beautiful way of starting the day - reading about how much you love each other and why. Perhaps this is a habit we should all do every few months, or every year. My wife is Malaysian and we were apart for a year before we got married, and there's nothing better than reading a letter about how much someone loves you.

Here are a few of Vicky and Paul's Bassmead Manor Barns Wedding photos.