ManKIND Project - America

When the lovely Isabelle Rizo heard about my ManKIND project (Where I’m doing a random act of kindness for someone from, or with heritage from, every country on earth), she got in touch.

She asked me if I'd be happy to give a presentation to the photography students at the Dupage College in Chicago. I said I'd be absolutely delighted as I know there are a lot of photographers who are struggling to make ends meet at the moment.

I passionately believe that family portraits and wedding albums are the most precious possessions a family can own. They're the first thing most people would rescue from a fire. They're a lasting memory of the best times in your life when everyone who's important to you is together and feels happy and healthy.

This webinar was my small contribution towards helping more photographers understand how to offer the very best service to their clients while also being an ambassador for the value of family portraiture. My father passed away 11 years ago before I appreciated the value of family photos and I wish I had a portrait of him to help me remember his character, charm and personality.