Orton Hall Wedding photos - Rob and Mel

Rob and Mel’s Orton Hall wedding, was not normal....and I loved every second.

First and most importantly Rob and Mel are stone cold awesome and this is the 7th time I've photographed them (but the first wedding!). Previously I’ve photographed their family and helped at a charity event for Rob’s work, too.

Here’s why their wedding wasn’t normal…

...They were like working with professional models...because Mel actually is one...!! And Rob could be. They're beautiful inside and out.

...because Mel did a speech and brought the house down.

...because the groomsmen sang a 'romantic' song about how Rob and Mel met.

...because I was mugged by a horde of children trying (and succeeding!) in stealing my loud hailer (see photographic evidence)!

…because Mel's stunning veil was as long as a cascading waterfall.

...because I seemed to keep 'accidentally' capturing Rob's mum in unfortunate situations (sorry, but Rob and Mel have approved the one of you appearing to flash the girls - see below!)

...because each and every person at the wedding made it one of the most friendly and celebratory weddings you could wish for.

...and because on a personal level... because I was offered a hit of laughing gas, had a guy ask for my number because he couldn't believe I was straight and was asked to fix a girl's bra (probably because she thought I was gay too)!

Here’s how the day went…

Getting ready photos at Orton Hall

In the morning Mel got ready at Orton Hall in the lovely, spacious bridal suit. It needed to be spacious because Mel had 5 sisters and her mum getting ready with her. Plus there were two videographers and my assistant photographer, too.

The wedding ceremony at Holy Trinity Church

This is the church right next to Orton Hall and Mel couldn’t stop smiling throughout the service. Although she did cheekily raise her eyebrows with a knowing look when the vicar said ‘sexual union’! Oh yes, I notice everything!

Group photos

These were split between the church and Orton Hall. The parents and grandparents were photographed at Holy Trinity Church and the rest were done at Orton Hall. For the large group photo of everyone I lean out of an upstairs window. I bring a bottle of Prosecco to give to the person who gave the most enthusiastic cheer. In fact I brought two bottles because the other one was for the bridesmaids and groomsmen to spray around Formula 1 style!

Romantic photos

Orton Hall is fantastic for romantic wedding photos. There are lots of beautiful old trees that offer some shade and Orton Hall itself makes a lovely backdrop. Mel’s veil was the most stunning one I’ve ever seen so we made it a big feature of the romantic shoot.

The speeches

Two of the groomsmen brought the house down with an elaborate and hilarious song based on how Rob and Mel met - and it was all done in a ‘Flight Of The Conchords style’.

Not to be outdone Mel absolutely nailed her speech which saw her downing shot after shot throughout a myriad of toasts. No-one else could keep up with her!

The evening

The evening got off to a flyer with a live band. It was almost the longest day of the year and roasting hot most of the guests enjoyed the evening air over a cool beer and laughing gas. Yes, that’s right!

The throwing of the bouquet is always great for wedding photos and I’ve rarely seen someone so excited to catch it. She went giddy!

Although it was a late one, Orton Hall is only 10 minutes from home so I didn’t have to save any energy for a long drive home.

I know Orton Hall very well, so if you’re getting married there then I’d love to chat with you as it’s a lovely venue I’m always pleased to go back to again and again.

Here are a few highlights from the day…

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