Steampunk wedding at Normanton Church

A year ago I didn't even know what SteamPunk was. But when Kirsty and Jules told me they were having a steampunk wedding at Normanton Church in Rutland I got pretty darned excited!

Think Mad Max... a church!

Say whaaaaat!!??

Yep, the bridesmaids were wearing funky black dresses Morticia from 

The Adams Family would wear to a cocktail party.

The groomsmen were wearing top hats with Goggles and canes.

The canes had skulls on the end.

The seating plan was based on the Game of Thrones.

The cake reminded me of Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The wedding favours were inside a little coffin.

Nearly all the guests embraced the theme and came dressed in a variety of steampunk styles too.

I've never seen an Iron Maiden T-shirt at a wedding before.

Oh, and it was on Halloween. Obviously.

This was Disneyland for a wedding photographer!

Despite all of that wondrousness it was something else that will live longest in my memory.

Kirsty and Jules had hired a vintage wedding car and the driver was quite elderly and was clearly very unwell. 

My first sight of him was while he was throwing up over a hedge!

He managed to drive Kirsty to the wedding but we decided to not risk the drive back to Normanton Park Hotel because the poor guy could barely stand.

Kirsty and Jules could have been angry, or irritated, or embarrassed but they weren't... ...they were the perfect combination of being concerned about the driver and amused as this was one more thing that made their wedding more crazy.

They ended up getting driven back to the hotel in Kirsty's father's Saab convertible.

I'm not sure if I'll ever photograph a more bonkers wedding. Although I've been booked to photograph the civil wedding of two brides where one is a Burlesque dancer and their wedding theme is Alice in Wonderland, so we'll see.

But until then, here are some of the photographs from the craziest wedding I've ever photographed.