Why Matt and Lisa's wedding at Sibson Inn caused a traffic jam!

I probably shouldn't be quite so pleased with myself for causing a traffic jam on the A1, but I just can't help it... ...we all had so much fun - including the lorry drivers! 

It's not our fault; weddings at Sibson Inn are right next to the A1 so drivers slow down to take a look - particularly when you do what we were doing...

...But let me get to that later.

The story starts with their engagement session in Hunstanton on a freezing cold day in February.

Engagement sessions are great for couples to get used to being photographed and build some rapport with the photographer so they'll feel more confident on the big day. Plus you get some lovely, natural photographs of the two of you just being yourselves on a normal day in a location that holds meaning for you.

Matt and Lisa didn't need to practice though, they were as bright and breezy as the weather was...but nowhere near as cold!

Two of the photographs from the engagement session got extra special treatment. One was used as what I call a 'Father's Pride'. This is where it's printed and framed at a nice big size and given to the father of the bride on the wedding day as a thank you for all the support over the years.

wedding sibson inn 002.jpg

The other photograph given special treatment was this one that was printed on a large wide mount so that guests could write kind (hopefully!) messages around it at the wedding. It's like a guestbook, but on a mounted photograph.

wedding sibson inn 001.jpg

The wedding at Yaxley Church

The wedding ceremony was at Yaxley church, which I love for many reasons. The vicar is incredibly friendly and relaxed, the church is beautiful and has a secret tower at the front to get aerial views of the ceremony. Plus the church is less than 5 minutes from my house!

Matt and Lisa live in Yaxley and Sibson Inn is only 10 minutes away too, so it was nice that very little time was lost (and no guests were lost!) ferrying between venues.

The Wedding Reception at Sibson Inn

It was the hottest day of the year and was nearly rated the hottest on record so Matt and Lisa decided it would be best to have the group photographs at Sibson Inn where the guests could sit and rehydrate (although I'm not sure how much Pimms rehydrates to be honest!)

Maybe it was the heat, maybe it was the Pimms, or maybe it was that I do this at most weddings...but here's where we gave the group shots some extra spice and caused the traffic jam... ...by spraying bubbly Formula 1 style and by throwing around umbrellas.

wedding-sibson-inn (31).jpg
wedding-sibson-inn (24).jpg

This is what caused the traffic jam. Drivers were slowing down to watch Matt and Lisa and the bridesmaids and groomsmen spray bubbly around. This in turn encouraged Lisa and the bridesmaids to ask the lorry drivers to honk their horns.

It was all good fun and we're sorry (not sorry) if we delayed anyone's journey!

The quirkiness didn't end there.

After the speeches had finished Lisa jumped up and did a whole speech thanking her beloved cats and asking everyone to give them a round of applause. Half of the guests were loving the sweet bonkersness and the other half just looked puzzled. I absolutely loved the eccentricity of it. 

Matt plays a trumpet in a swing band and they banged out some classic numbers over several sets. Matt even kicked his best man off the mic at one point and serenaded Lisa dancing with her dad.

Then it was onto doing the can-can to the tune of Sinatra's New York and it all just got crazier and sweatier from then on, with Lisa's sister being the last one off the dance floor. 

Here are just a few of the highlights.