Jacob overcomes leukaemia with the heart of a Spartan warrior...

I had so much fun creating this '300' themed photograph that will be used by a wonderfully strong and loving family to promote awareness and raise funds for cancer in children. 

Thanks to Burghley House for giving us privileged access to a private part of the grounds at no charge.

Eleanor Massey approached me about doing a themed photography session that would help tell the story of her son Jacob's triumph over leukaemia. She would then use her stories and the photographs to help raise awareness and funds to battle this terrible disease.

Spartan Warrior boy 2.jpg

Eleanor tried to help Jacob understand the disease by calling it 'The Blood Goblin' and that he needed to be a strong warrior to beat it. This wonderful analogy gave us the theme for the session. I suggested that we try and recreate a photographic style that replicates the movie '300'.

The imagery is powerful, emotive and something most people can relate to. 

Eleanor already had the sword, spear and armour, so it was down to me to think up a location and create the necessary imagery.

We wanted a backdrop of dark brooding skies and something resembling an eerie, looming castle. 

Although Burghley House is a pristine old building I felt that with the right angle and a bit of editing it could look rather foreboding. 

I took a low camera position nice and near the building so that Jacob looked tall and strong against the threatening backdrop. It was then a case of getting this sweet young lad to get in touch with his inner Spartan and bellow at the skies!!

He did a wonderful job and we were all rewarded with the images you see here. Various news outlets took up the story as you can see below. To find out more Eleanor has started building a website here: http://www.bloodgoblin.co.uk/page/home