Wyboston Lakes wedding photos - Chris and Emma

I loved creating Chris and Emma’s Wyboston Lakes wedding photos. They’re both Cambridge PHD graduates and the perfect blend of crazy and sweet.

For example, Chris impersonated a monkey as he took the confetti out of Emma's hair. 

Chris picking the confetti out of Emma’s hair like a monkey.

Their guests were just as much fun…

I’ve never seen a bouquet toss as competitively contested with two girls catching it at once and both refusing to back down for a minute or two. I guess they’re both getting married!

The fight for the bouquet was ferocious and long. See the whole sequence of image below…

Technically Chris and Emma were already married as they’d already had an intimate service in Liverpool, so this was a celebration for all their friends and family. That said, almost everything was just like a normal service. 

I say almost, because Chris got walked down the aisle by his mum. Now everybody say aaaahhh!!

Despite already being married Emma kept with tradition and didn’t want Chris to see her in the morning. So, when Chris walked past her hotel room while Emma was chatting at the door she covered her head with a room service menu. She proceeded to chat with him while hiding behind it the whole time. Legends!

Emma hiding behind the room service menu so Chris couldn’t see her face.

The wedding ceremony and the reception were all at Wyboston Lakes so there was no rushing around - we could just enjoy a scorching hot, fun and relaxing day. 

We did the group photos in the courtyard and because it was the hottest day of the year we were all fighting over the shade of a single tree, but as you’ll see below we had a lot of laughs.

Speaking of fighting, when I do the big group shot of all the guests I often give a bottle of Prosecco to whoever performs the best. When I asked them to cheer and wave their arms about one lady got so enthusiastic she fell over and knocked the gentlemen in front over too!

Over enthusiastic waving led to two people falling over on the left of the photo. But at least she won my bottle of Prosecco!

For two people who claim they don’t like public speaking their speeches were phenomenal - heartfelt and funny. And the best man crushed it too.

The dance floor was absolutely rocking all night. Just as it was time for me to officially leave they started playing some old school techno and dance music which is right up my street. So I hit the dance floor and ended up staying an extra hour or two and left the wedding a sweaty, happy mess!

Here are a few of my favs from the day.

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