Voted one of the top 10 best new wedding photographers!

I'm beaming with pride at being chosen by Hitched and Photo Professional Magazine as one of the UK's top 10 best new wedding photographers for 2014.

I need your help to get to number 1

It's a bit like X Factor - the Hitched judges have voted me into the top 10, but the final order is determined by votes from the general public.

Best new wedding photographers.png

Have a look at all the awesome entries here. To vote you have to select someone from each category (florist, honeymoon destination etc) and then enter your email address to confirm your selection (you can always unsubscribe straight afterwards if you want).

I'd be so grateful if you could give me your vote. 

You can still vote for me with a clear conscience, even if you prefer another photographer - and here's why... 

Does the best singer always win X Factor? Nope - because there's more to being a singer than singing. The same thing applies to photography. What's the point in hiring an awesome photographer if they're rude, creepy, turn up late and take the first slice of wedding cake!

Service, charm, wit, diplomacy, efficiency and a relaxed demeanour are all incredibly important too (let's gloss over my lack of devilishly good looks!).

By the way, if I've photographed your wedding this summer and wondering why one of your beautiful images isn't included then it's because I had to prepare my entry months ago.

Thanks for looking, reading and caring. Vote for me and check out the images I entered here.