Gavin and Emma's wedding at Normanton Park hotel, Rutland Water

Sometimes the stars align and everything comes together beautifully at a wedding. First and foremost Gavin and Emma were wonderful to work with. They loved bouncing ideas around and were excited about trying different photographs.

Secondly they chose two stunning venues. The wedding ceremony was at Normanton Church on Rutland Water. It's a gorgeous church that perches on a little spit of land that juts out into the reservoir. It was actually saved from being destroyed when the reservoir was built. The original floor of the church is actually beneath the water, so technically you're getting married in the roof!

The reception was at The Normanton Park Hotel which is just a couple of hundred yards from Normanton Church. The hotel grounds lead down to Rutland water, making it one of the finest wedding locations in the area.

We were also blessed by the weather. All week the forecast had been terrible. I was preparing to use my decorative wedding umbrellas and expecting to change my soaking shirt half way through the day. Although it was very blustery the light was fantastic for photography.

Finally, the photography was really fun and relaxed for several reasons. As I mentioned, Emma and Gavin were a pleasure to photograph anyway, but the other big factor was time. Having the two venues so close together meant we didn't lose time travelling. Plus the long summer day meant we had light until late. Finally, the fact we had so many stunning photography locations meant we could quickly and easily go from one beautiful spot to another.

It was nice to hear Gavin did a huge amount of the preparations and even designed a lot of the decorations himself. The fact he's an architect ensured everything came out perfectly. In fact, while we were chatting about his design talents he mentioned he's a perfectionist... pressure on me then! 

Luckily the day after the wedding he wrote this lovely feedback on Facebook

"Thank you to Dan Waters, the only photographer who has made me feel comfortable the wrong side of the lens, or it may have been the prosecco!"

...personally, I think it was a bit of both!

Emma looked fabulous and is one of the finest exponents of the 'doe-eyed, looking up adoringly at her man' look that I've ever seen. You could see the love in those eyes and sometimes it came out in the form of tears of joy... ...but us photographers love a bit of emotion. Much better than the boring stiff upper lip!

So, here are a few of my favourites from their wedding. I'm particularly happy with the group photographs and it's all down to how fun, giving and collaboratory everyone was... collaboratory a word, or have I turned into George Bush!

Enjoy the photographs - but first, here are some of the fantastic suppliers who helped make it such a great day:

Emma's dress: Harvey's Bridal Boutique in Ramsey.

Flowers: Fiori Flowers oon Lincoln Road, Peterborough

Suits: Vow Bridal in Wansford

Makeup: Hollywood Glam, in bourne

Bridesmaid dresses: The Glass Slipper in Peterborough

Table linens: A Fairy Godmother's Touch

Sound and lighting equipment: PDS sound and lighting