5 tips for a happy wedding

Don’t lose perspective

The only thing that really matters is that you and those close to you have a wonderful day.

And you know what…? The only thing that is likely to jeopardise your wonderful day is if YOU sabotage it by fretting over things that don’t really matter.

I’ll always remember one lovely couple who had lots of things go wrong on their wedding day.

  • An elderly uncle fainted and a medical team had to be called in case it was serious. I had to do the group photos while he was being treated right next to everyone!

  • There was a power cut during the first dance

  • And it rained, obviously!

But the bride and groom were incredibly kind and thoughtful throughout all the challenges.

It gave all the guests a chance to see what a wonderful couple they were.

If you stay happy and relaxed then everyone else will. If you get stressed then your guests will too.

Make your wedding YOURS

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so it should reflect your personalities, your tastes and your priorities.

You don’t have to do what everyone else wants, or expects.

An interesting side effect of doing it your way is that your wedding will be much more unique.

For example…

If you want a fun wedding… you could allocate more of your budget to games like a bucking bronco or space hoppers, or a band etc.

If you want your wedding to look beautiful then you can allocate more of your budget to the flowers and venue and dress.

If your guest’s comfort is most important then focus more on the food and drinks and entertainment.

If the memories of the day are most important then invest more into your photography

You don’t have to do everything. Focus on what’s important to you.

Think about your wedding memories

Your wedding day is a day you’ll never forget right?

Well, yes and no!

You’ll always remember snippets, but there’s likely to be huge chunks that you’ll completely forget unless you do three things to preserve your memories.

Firstly, don’t drink too much! I know it’s a fun day but you’ll hate yourself if you wake up the next day thinking “What the hell happened!”

The second way to remember your wedding is to make it memorable in the first place.

Many years ago before I was a photographer I went to a friend’s wedding spanning two days where everyone camped out and there were makeshift bars set up in bunkers under the ground - and you could bring your own drinks too. It was a relatively cheap wedding because it was all done in what was essentially a farmer’s field. However it was still an amazing wedding because what they saved on the venue they could spend on creating an amazing party. And the whole experience was just so different from any other wedding that you couldn’t help but remember it.

The final way to preserve your wedding memories is of course to hire a wedding photographer.

And it’s important to choose one who’s photography and personality suits you.

I also recommend getting a wedding album and placing it somewhere visible in your lounge or dining room. It will remind you to thumb through the photographs and relive your special day every year or so. Conversely digital images get thrown in a draw until all the files corrupt.

Some people won’t even smile when you pay them!

On your wedding day there are lots of service providers who will actually be there on the day. There’s the wedding planner, venue staff, catering staff, the DJ, the photographer, the chauffeur and so on. It only takes one of these people to be a bit of a git to spoil the mood!

Make sure you meet all your suppliers before booking them. Don’t just focus on what they offer in terms of a product or service, decide if you actually want to spend time with them on your wedding day.

This is especially true of the wedding photographer because we’re with you for almost every second of the whole day!