Wedding photos at Thornton Lodge Farm - Ben and Charlotte

This was a long journey in many ways. First of all, their wedding was in North Yorkshire so I stayed in a hotel the night before and the night after their wedding. Secondly, when Ben and Charlotte responded to my Facebook advert they initially thought they hated being photographed.

My Facebook promotion included an engagement session which was the perfect opportunity for them to get some practice in front of the camera.

They decided to include their dog and horse in some of the photographs which gave them something other than the camera to focus on. They were delighted with the photographs and their newfound confidence in front of the camera shows in their wedding photos.

Charlotte showed amazing equestrian skills during their engagement session.

Their wedding was at All Hallow’s church in York and their reception was in a gigantic marquee at Thornton Lodge Farm in the wilds of North Yorkshire.

Because they’d hired the farm and the marquee they had a blank canvas and free reign to put their own stamp on their wedding. For example:

  • Since they have a farming background themselves they named their table after crops.

  • They brought in a cocktail bar

  • They hired luxury porta-loos which had TVs in them and urinals adorned with neon lights!

  • And Ben’s dad’s Aston Martin got used as one of the wedding cars.

Since I arrived the day before the wedding I was able to photograph some of the details before the wedding day to save time and helped with some of the setting up.

On the morning of the wedding Charlotte shocked me with how relaxed she was, even in front of the camera. A camera she thought she hated before the engagement session.

She looked absolutely stunning, as did the bridesmaids. Although it took me a few minutes to tell them apart and they weren’t willing to help me by dyeing or shaving their hair to make it easier for me! ;-)

I loved that Charlotte had written a letter to each bridesmaid explaining how much they meant to her. How sweet is that! Ben and Charlotte had also written letters for each other.

The ceremony was fantastic with lots of happy tears. I loved it when the vicar wiped away Charlotte’s tears carefully with a tissue while claiming he was an expert at not smudging makeup!

Charlotte’s wedding dress came with a lovely long veil which we put to good use in the romantic photos - although with the famous Yorkshire wind it did threaten to pull Charlotte’s head off!

The speeches were the perfect blend of humour and heartfelt emotion and were executed with perfection.

After that it was party time and I was delighted to see the dance floor rocking to the band they’d hired. One highlight was when the band invited one of the children to play the drums to one of their songs. He’ll remember that forever!

Below are some of my happy memories from the day…

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