Burwash Manor wedding photos - Ben and Anna

I have a slight problem with Ben and Anna's Burwash Manor wedding photos! I captured so many shots that I'd like to put on my website, but I can't have loads of photographs of the same couple in my portfolio! So many of the photographs make me grin from ear to ear. And it's all because I can see the sheer fun, love and spirit that beams off of the faces from everyone who attended. They absolutely smashed it! And so did their awesome guests.

Luckily I can share my favs in this blog post.

There were no getting ready photos as Ben and Anna aren’t fans of being the centre of attention, but they did want their photographs to be fun. I’m pretty sure that going down a playground slide together qualifies!

Although the reception was at Burwash Manor in Barton, Cambridgeshire, the ceremony was at St John the Evangelist church in Waterbeach.

A ceremony that was absolutely Bongos!

When I arrived at the church Ben’s grandad came over and chatted about photography as he’d been in the business all his life. He was now over 90, yet he was still taking photographs and later on he’d be hitting the dance floor with me. It was like looking in a time machine mirror!

The ceremony was without doubt the most joyous one I’ve ever attended. Why? There was a band. In a church? Yes! There was a guitar, singing and even bongos! I’ve never heard such enthusiastic hymn singing in a church. Everyone was loving it and getting stuck in. I’ve never felt like having a little dance in a church before!

The romantic photos at Burwash Manor

After the ceremony they dived straight into their vintage mini and shot off down the road. No confetti, no fuss, just straight onto Burwash Manor to get the party started.

I was right behind them as they wanted to do the romantic photographs before guests arrived. That way they could do it without feeling on display and they wouldn’t have people milling around in the background of the shots.

I’d already scouted Burwash Manor with Ben and Anna a month earlier so I knew exactly what we would do and where we’d do it. It saves a lot of time. It also saves awkwardness because I’d already had Anna pre-approve the slide photograph! 

I always create a mood board for every wedding because I want to be sure I’m on the same page as couples. For example, Burwash Manor has a mix of nature, rustic barns and the play area. If I hadn’t spoken with them about the options before the wedding day then I would’t have known they liked the nature and play area options, but not the rustic farm backdrop. A little planning makes such a difference. 

The vibe of the day

I don’t know why but their wedding had a festival vibe to it. Maybe it was the marquee, maybe it was all the craft beers they’d piled up in baskets for their guests or maybe it was something about the way the garden at Burwash Manor is arranged. It has lots of little alcoves, seating areas, nooks and crannies. Each area was like a ready made photo opportunity. Instead of random milling around there were little groups of people making themselves at home - but it was still open plan enough so that everyone felt together.

There were also lots of children who were entertained with space hoppers (no wedding should be without them - great value!) and garden games.

For two people who don’t like being the centre of attention they both gave wonderfully emotional and funny speeches and their first dance included some very enthusiastic ballroom dancing.

Ben and Anna both work with people with disabilities and my favourite photograph of the entire day was when Ben helped one of his friends out of his wheelchair and gave him a piggyback so they could both hit the dance floor together. Just look at the joy in his face…

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from their beautifully designed wedding. Please like and comment below as it really helps Google ranking! x