Random Acts of Kindness in Peterborough - The Pay it Forward Tribe

I was really delighted that my friend Hazel Cottrell from Creative Content Company told me about the Soul Happy initiative in Cowgate, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

One of the many things Kim Coley and her amazing team do at Soul Happy is arrange Pay it Forward events that help and inspire the local community. Last week we were doing some random acts of kindness like giving food to the homeless and giving out cakes, hugs and professional massages at Serpentine Green. 

If you’re looking to do more to help the Peterborough community then why not check out The Pay it Forward Tribe on Facebook and join us.

Here are a couple of the videos we took recently…

The Soul Happy Centre in Peterborough is run by Kim Coley and part of her amazing organisation is that she's pulled together kind hearted people to become the 'Pay it Forward Tribe'. We carry out random acts of kindness, as well as helping the community in more strategic ways too.

Here's The Pay it Forward Tribe and Soul Happy giving out random hugs, cakes and even professional massages in Serpentine Green in Peterborough. https://www.danwaterscreative.com/