Autumn leaves family photos in Peterborough

Autumn is one of the best times for family photos in Peterborough because not only do the leaves look stunning but the sun hangs low in the sky to give your images a golden glow.

Imagine having a portrait of your family which made your heart melt every time you looked at it...

...because it perfectly captured the spirit and personality of everyone you love.

There was a study done in Australia that showed children who grew up in homes with family portraits on the walls felt a great sense of belonging, got into less trouble and had a greater sense of family. Although they won't realise it now, this is a gift to your children that they'll appreciate and cherish later in life.

I know a secret wood 15 minutes from Peterborough where the Autumn leaves fall like snow. It's peaceful and secluded so you won't feel awkward or 'on display'.

We have a whole lot of fun too. Just look at the joy these two are having pelting me with leaves...

(Don't worry, I encouraged them to do it! I want this to be fun for everyone, not an awkward, nerve-racking studio session).

Autumn leaves family photos Cambridgeshire 2.jpg
Dan had his work cut out with our little family, a one year old and two camera shy parents. We felt so comfortable with Dan, he is extremely patient and calm natured. There were no time retaints, which helped relax us and create a natural moment.Dan found a beautiful spot in the middle of nowhere, and and we are immensely pleased with the vibrant autumn colours that are now a proud focal point in our home. Dan captured my daughter perfectly,the canvas’s will forever show her wonder as she freely rambled around the leaves! We couldn’t be happier!
— Ami Gilbert, Hampton, Cambridgeshire

Tell me more Dan, how does it work?

I specialise in creating bespoke images for my clients that are based on the kind of photographs you want. I achieve this because I'm one of the only family photographers in Peterborough (perhaps the only one) who meets you to plan the session before you even hire me.

Another thing that separates me from the other photographers in Peterborough is I guarantee you'll love your photographs or I'll give you your money back. I want all my clients to be delighted, not just satisfied.

It's just £30 for the photography session and that includes unlimited time on the day. You can even invite along your extended family if you want, for no extra charge. If it rains we'll just reschedule at no extra charge, too. 

You can then choose whatever size portraits you'd like and any framing you want. I even have some amazing software that 'virtually' shows the photographs from your session on the walls of your home, to scale and with my supplier's frames around them!

Autumn leaves family photos Cambridgeshire 3.jpg
Dan is the only photographer I have met who takes his profession to another level of customer service. His calm and informal presence is reassuring and it feels like he is a friend of the family. We have some magical photos which will adorn our walls for a very long time and make us smile everyday. thanks Dan.
— Linda Marseglia, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

I'm based in Hampton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire but I'm happy to travel to Cambridge in the south and Grantham in the north.

Just like childhood, Autumn leaves don't last forever, so call me today on 0792 358 3658 or email to reserve your space. There are only 7 weekend slots left (although I have a few more if you can do weekdays).

I have opening hours 7 days a week and I'm flexible working in the evenings too.