Wildlife photography

The UK's Best Wildlife Locations portfolioThis is a gallery of some of the best places to find wildlife in the UK. Use the search function on the website to find the best locations for the animals you want to see.British Mammals portfolioStock photos of British mammals to buy as prints or digital images. Use the website search function to find any photos you need.
British Birds portfolioA portfolio of breeding and migrant British birds, from raptors and waders to waterfowl and garden birds.Kenyan Wildlife portfolioAll photos were taken with JT Tours, an excellent safari company. Check out their reviews online. The zebra photo pictured here won photo of the month in Real Travel magazine. All photos can be purchased as prints or as stock.
Big Cat photos portfolioA portfolio of the world's most famous and rare big cats. Some of these photos were taken in captivity and some are wild cats in Kenya.Birds of the world portfolioThis gallery shows a mix of birds from across the globe, including the rare (Meller's duck) and the weird (secretary bird).
Wildlife closeups portfolioClose up shots of insects, flowers, reptiles and anything else that will let me get close enough to photograph them from 3cm away.