Are you bewildered by all the different wedding photographers in Cambridgeshire?

This page reveals the cunning questions to ask a wedding photographer before you hire them. You'll also get to see what makes my service a little different… and you might chuckle too!

Excuse me Mr / Mrs wedding photographer, what happens if you turn out to be rubbish / a git?

We’ve all heard horror stories about wedding photographers…

The angry stress-head who's rude and simmers with rage the whole day.

The control freak who barks orders at everyone because they think they're the most important person at the wedding.

The dimwit who's completely disorganised, turns up late, forgets what group photographs you want and basically blunders their way through your wedding with no thought or preparation.

How do you avoid picking one of these characters? Read on…

What can we say? Dan is one of life’s few very special people! His talent and passion for photography is reflected in the unique service he provides.
— Vicky and Michelle, Peterborough
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Ask for a written guarantee

Their answer will tell you a lot.

My guarantee simply says...

"If you're not happy with your wedding photographs or the service you receive then you can ask for all your money back". That's it! No ifs or buts. I want you to be happy with everything from the photography to how I represent you on your wedding day. And if I fail then I don’t feel right taking your money.


How many photographs will I get in my album?

Most wedding photographers will show you several hundred photographs, but they'll only be able to fit between 50-100 in your album.

This leaves you with two horrible situations. 

Firstly you have the heartbreaking decision of having to reject most of your treasured images. 

Secondly, you have to tell Auntie Maureen why she never made it into the album when all your mates are in it!

My wedding album is A3 sized and 70 pages so it comfortably fits 250 photographs. This means we can thoroughly tell the story of your wedding day and no-one gets left out.

Of course I also offer several hundred digital files, too.

I talk about my album and my guarantee in the video to the left.

Family and friends thought that he was a long time friend of ours, children loved him, oldies loved him even my dad loved him!!
— James McAdie, Hampton

How quickly will I get my photographs?

You don't want to be celebrating your anniversary before you've seen your wedding photographs!

I hear many stories of couples having to wait months. 

I guarantee (in writing) your wedding photographs will be available to view within 1 month, usually less.


I don't care how good you think you are - PROVE IT!

If you're interested in a hotel or restaurant you go to Trip Advisor.

If you're wondering whether the movie 'Zombie Apocalypse' is any good then you'll check out the reviews on Imdb.

For photographers the best you can do is see what the feedback is on their website and Facebook.

It's a good idea to send a friend request on Facebook too, so you can check out whether it's an expletive riddled tirade about their hatred for all mankind, or their favourite hobby is badger baiting! 

....I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you there's a rather large smattering of testimonials on my website and on Google - and you're more than welcome to check out my personal and business pages on Facebook to check I’m not a psycho. ;-)

Dan asked for 3 words to describe our wedding, we chose fun, quirky and relaxed, which we soon realised described Dan too.
— Kerry Abel, Stamford
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Voted top 10 new wedding photographers in the UK by Hitched (2014)…

…and I’m better now! ;-)

Can I see a whole wedding, not just your portfolio?

I bet you've taken a handful of cool photographs in your life, right?

If you gave a camera to a blind wood pigeon it would still take a good photograph eventually. 

The difference between Rodney the wood pigeon and a professional photographer is all down to percentages. 

A professional photographer will take a few pathetic photographs throughout a wedding day because sometimes we just time it wrong, or sneeze, or get distracted by a moth, or whatever. 

However the vast majority of our photographs should be rather splendid. 

So, ask photographers to show you a few entire weddings. That way you can see if they're consistent, or whether their portfolio is just showing their top 1%.

So, am I the right wedding photographer for you?

I think we'll become best buddies if you can say yes to the following questions:

  1. If the driver of your wedding car is too ill to drive and you have to borrow your dad's Saab convertible, would you see the funny side?

  2. If there's a beautiful sunset but the grass is wet and your high heels are sinking into it, would you run bare foot across the lawn?

  3. If you trip over coming out of the ceremony would you have tears of laughter or anger?

  4. If your naughty little nephew shouts 'don't do it!' in the middle of the ceremony would you have a little chuckle?

  5. If it rains would you take one of my vintage wedding umbrellas and do your own version of singing in the rain?

  6. If there was a power cut in the middle of your first dance would you get everyone to light candles and sing your song Acapella?

  7. Would you like to spray me with the bottle of Prosecco I bring to every wedding?

All of these things have happened at weddings I've photographed and I'll never forget the awesome couples who were part of them.

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Wedding photography for joyful people who embrace life and love a laugh…

A wedding should never stress you out - it’s about celebrating love, life, blessings and reminding you how spectacular you are.

OK Dan, how much?

Every wedding is different and I want to understand exactly what is and isn’t important to you so I can tailor a package that suits you perfectly.

It depends on the date, location, day of the week, the number of hours, the services you like and even whether you have a barn owl as a ring-bearer! Huh? Read on...!

Anyway - to cut to the chase - all day packages including all of the photographs start at £999.

...I can potentially offer special deals for weddings with particularly intriguing / off-the-wall elements, for example:

  • Barn owls acting as ring bearers (seriously - check out Exotic Animal Encounters in Whittlesey!)

  • Weird and wonderful themes

  • Exciting events - maybe a drive-by of Harley Davidsons, or an exchanging of vows in the Whipsnade Safari Park Lion enclosure (maybe not!)

  • Strange or exotic locations, from farmer's fields lit by candles, to stately homes and Scottish tree houses.

  • Destination weddings

That said, I love the excitement, emotion and sensitivity of all weddings. The crucial ingredient is the deep and clear love of the special couple… …and a little dash of crazy!

Weddings over 1 hour from Peterborough, Cambridgeshire may need a travel fee added.

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The unique and quirky wedding services I offer…

I can create a video of your childhood photographs (and engagement ones) and project it onto a screen at your wedding as a lovely surprise for your guests.

I also LOVE rock the frock sessions where we do an extra shoot a few weeks or months after your wedding. We can get creative and incorporate your personality and hobbies and sometimes go a little nuts! I've had couples at waterfalls, in rivers and rolling in mud. In the future I’d like to incorporate horses, ballet, motorbikes, cars, the sea, zoo animals, mountains, hot air balloons, grungy urban scenes and so on...

Give me a tinkle!

If I sound worth chatting to then call me on 0792 358 3658 or email to talk through your requirements and set up a meeting. 

Dan Waters: Wedding photographer - Cambridgeshire
Tel 0792 358 3658
90 Eagle Way,
Hampton Vale,
Peterborough, Cambridgeshire

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No brides were harmed in the making of this photograph…

This was taken on a ‘Rock the frock’ session a few months after her wedding - she had a ball.

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Seriously fun wedding photography…

If a photographer makes you feel awkward and uncomfortable then they’re doing it wrong. It should be fun.

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Photos with feeling…

A photograph should make you laugh, cry, smile and carry your thoughts away to memories you’d all but forgotten.

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Daft, but organised!

Don’t worry about a thing. I put the fun in FUNctional. I plan what, when, where, who, how and why! I don’t just press a button you know! ;-)

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I bring two bottles to every wedding…

To jazz up the group photographs I have more tricks than a tap dancing weasel!

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More photographs in the gallery…

For more eye candy check out the gallery tab.

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Let’s chat before your date is gone.

Don’t worry, there’s no pressure here, but it would be great to chat about your wedding and what you’re looking for.

Give me a bell on 0792 358 3658


Address: 90 Eagle Way, Hampton, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, PE7 8EA

Let’s do this thing!