How to guarantee you'll love your wedding photography

13th November 2014
I wish they'd told me the venue was prone to flooding!

If you've just done a quick Google for 'Peterborough wedding photography' (or something similar) you may have been bamboozled and bewildered by how many results came up. There's page after page of us, right!? Some create better images than others, we all have different packages, we all have different products, we all have different prices, we all have different personalities... ...aaaah!!

You might find a great photographer that fits your budget and offers the packages and products you want. They may even be lovely when you meet them. Ticks all the boxes, right!? Maybe. But what if they're one of those people who erupts like 'mintos and coke' when they're stressed? The last thing you need at your wedding is someone who makes Sean Penn seem calm and easy going!

Hmm, what to do, what to do. Well, I think I've got the answer...

How to guarantee you'll love your wedding photography
Here's what you do - choose a photographer who'll guarantee you'll love their photographs AND their service. Make sure they put it in writing and make sure you know where they live.

If you ask a photographer to guarantee their work and they squirm like Gollum in an itchy jumper then beware.

I'm happy to guarantee my work and my service because I know I can create beautiful images in any situation and I know I'll be polite, kind and respectful with you and your family and friends (plus some fun too - I'm not a dullard!).

A photographer who guarantees their work is demonstrating they're confidence in themselves and focused on providing a fantastic service for their clients.

If I can go to Marks and Spencer and get my money back on socks, then you should certainly be entitled to some guarantees about the most important day in your life!

The wedding venue seemed bigger in the photos...

My wedding photographer seems to get stressed easily!!

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