The only wedding photographer in Cambridgeshire with a guarantee

24th March 2018
I've just Googled 'wedding photographers in Cambridgeshire with a guarantee' and I can't find anyone who actually has one (except me of course!)

This seems bonkers.

Your wedding is one of the biggest moments of your life...

...after the birth of your children.

...and after that moment as you excitedly pile up your plate at an all you can eat curry house!

Man that's living!

But yeah - it's a very special day nonetheless.

Everyone you care about is there.

You've hammered the credit card.

You're shimmering with excitement as the day begins...

...and then pow! realise you've hired a bimbling buffoon as your wedding photographer!

...or worse - perhaps one of those ones who seems to quietly seethe with rage throughout the day - shouting at guests to "get out of the way".

...or maybe it's the control freak wedding photographer who thinks the day is all about them. They bark orders at you and your guests and if you could just pin a fake moustache on them they'd make a perfect Sergeant Major... ...or Hitler!

It's not just about how talented they are
There are lots of great wedding photographers in Cambridgeshire, but portfolios can sometimes be misleading.

Some wedding photographers build their portfolio by going to training courses where models in wedding dresses pose in beautiful locations while expert photographers arrange the lighting and composition for them.

Sneaky huh!

If you hire them for your wedding expecting them to recreate these awesome images in their portfolio you'll be heartbroken because they won't be able to.

Of course there are lots of wedding photographers who DO know what they're doing. But as I mentioned earlier, their personality and the way they interact with you and the guests is critical.

A talented git is still a git!

It's not always easy to tell what a photographer will be like on your wedding day when you meet them either. Having a chat over a coffee isn't the same as having them trying to round up and photograph you lunatic family! ;-)

That's why the guarantee is so important.

It shows the photographer trusts themselves and that they're putting you first.

OK, so now you know you need to avoid technically inept photographers and look out for sociopaths.

It's smooth sailing now, right?

Not quite.

There's one more issue to look out for.


Wedding photographers who are skilled and charming and humorous and tactful and... ...well you know, like me... we get booked up fast. ;-)

You can become victims of our success if you're not careful.

What does that mean?

It means that if a wedding photographer is photographing 2 or 3 weddings a week throughout the summer there's a high chance they'll get a backlog with all the editing and album design.

You could be waiting months to see your photographs because the photographer just can't keep up.

This is often the issue with cheap photographers because they get overwhelmed with enquiries and can't keep up.

I take on a limited number of weddings (up to 25) so I don't get overwhelmed. I fill in the rest of my calendar with family photographs and commercial photography as required.

So, I can truly dedicate myself to your wedding and give you all the attention and enthusiasm you deserve.

16 promises that I won't screw up your wedding!
  1. I'll give you a written guarantee that if you're not happy for any reason then I'll give you all your money back. Period.
  2. My cameras automatically back up onto a second memory card so I instantly have two copies of every photograph. This protects me and you from the heartbreak of losing photographs through having corrupt files. This has happened to me twice in the past, although I was luckily able to rescue those files through a specialist company.
  3. I will actually turn up! This is my full time job so I won't be asked to 'come in to work by my boss meaning I can no longer attend.' Oh yeah, I've heard all the horror stories!
  4. I won't rock up an hour late because I 'Couldn't find the venue'. I always scout a venue before the big day and I like to go there with the couple so we can bounce around ideas a few weeks before the wedding, too.
  5. I will dress smartly (although I did accidentally rip my trousers once when bending over).
  6. My photography equipment is of the highest professional standard to ensure your images are as crisp and sharp as possible.
  7. I will ensure the group photographs aren't a dull and painful experience where everyone is simply looking at the camera with the 20 mile death stare!
  8. I'll respond to your emails and voicemails swiftly and thoroughly and normally within 24 hours.
  9. I'll come up with creative ideas but I'm also open to your ideas too. I'm not one of the precious photographers who only does things 'my way'. If you and your mates want a photograph of you all displaying a mouthful of food then hey - let's do it.
  10. I bring a second photographer at no extra charge. This means the bride and groom can both be covered in the morning. Plus you get images from the front and back of the ceremony.
  11. I will plan the group and romantic photographs with you so that they run quickly and smoothly and in the style that you want.
  12. Throughout the day I'll always be happy to accommodate any photographic requests from your guests... ...and I've had some odd ones in the past!
  13. I will walk the thin line between being invisible so I can capture those special moments without people noticing, while also having the confidence to interact with guests and help them feel comfortable in front of the camera.
  14. I will have your photographs available for viewing within 1 month - but normally within a couple of weeks.
  15. Your beautiful A3 coffee table wedding album will be ready within 1 month of you confirming the 250 photographs you'd like in it.
  16. If I get run over or struck down with malaria (or just badly twist my ankle!) I'll ask around my many photographer friends to see who's available to fill my shoes for you. I know which ones are psychos and which ones aren't! ;-) Of course I'll give you your money back too.

If you'd like to meet up for a chat to find out if I'm the right photographer for you (and not a git!) then please call me on 0792 358 3658 or email

Now, do you guarantee you won't be a bridezilla / groomzilla! ;-)

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