Wedding at Normanton Church, Rutland - Anthony and Amanda

24th September 2015
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Many years ago before I was even a professional wedding photographer I went to Normanton church at sunset just for the pleasure of photographing it. So when Anthony and Amanda told me they were getting married there I was like a puppy welcoming home a soldier after a 6 month tour of duty. I tried not to lick them though....!

Normanton church is on a peninsula jutting out into Rutland Water and it's actually half submerged under water. So the wedding ceremony is really held in the converted roof of the church!

Stunning as Normanton church is, a wedding is truly only as enjoyable as the people involved. When I tell you that Amanda finished the day playing rugby in her wedding dress I think you'll get the message that this was a couple it was a joy to spend time with.
I should add that the ceremony was at Peterborough rugby club where Anthony plays - Amanda wasn't just randomly carrying around a rugby ball on her wedding day!

The day was one of the hottest of the year, over 30 degrees and humid, despite the forecast being thunderstorms. I was melting in my shirt, so I can only imagine how Anthony felt in his jacket. Of course rugby players are made of tougher stuff than table tennis players like me! Amanda serenely drifted through the day with effortless elegance. I never saw a single bead of sweat or the slightest smudge of mascara on her.

One of the photographs they were really keen to have was of the two of them standing by a wheat field. As the wedding day drew closer all the farms in the area were harvesting their crops. One by one the wheat fields were reduced to desolate expanses of knobbly 6 inch stems. I kept driving around North Cambridgeshire and Rutland looking for a field that belonged to a lazy farmer who hadn't got round to doing his harvest. One evening while cycling a few hundred yards from my home in Hampton I stumbled across one. I checked it was still there the night before the wedding and gave Anthony and Amanda the good news.
So everything turned out perfectly. The thunderstorms never happened, the wheat field swayed in the sunshine. Although it would have been nice to get a once in a lifetime photograph of lightning hitting the church as Anthony and Amanda dived for cover into Rutland Water reservoir!

The important thing it they had the most amazing day and loved their wedding photographs. They kindly left me this message on Facebook:

"Thank you for these amazing photographs of our special day, they're perfect."

Below are a few of the highlights from the day. Hope you like them. If you do then give me a call on 0792 358 3658 to see what makes my wedding photography services very different from the others in this area.


Photo comment By Lyn youngs: The day was so hot, but you made every one look so good, photos are beautiful, thank you again for making my son and his new wife's day perfect
Photo comment By Amanda youngs: I couldnt have asked for a Better photographer for our big day. Dan worked hard to ensure some beautiful photos were taken and not one guest was missed! He even went in search of a Corn field for us! I couldn't recommend Dan any more if I tried and I loom forward to further shoots in the future with him!

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