Maya Qureshi contacted me as she wanted photography lessons so she could create better images of her beautiful jewellery for her new jewellery business.

We kicked off with a two hour lesson to give her an understanding of the various settings on the camera. I kept the training geared towards jewellery photography so I didn't bamboozle her with lots of information that wouldn't initially be relevant.

Sometimes Maya will want to create photos of her jewellery on a white background. To help her achieve this without lots of tricky Photoshop work I gave her my light tent. This is literally like a mini white tent that's totally white, inside and out. If you put the tent out in the sun or shine some bright lights at it you'll get perfect white backgrounds for your photos.

Since I no longer do that kind of photography (I find it much more fun photographing people than products) I thought it would be nice to give the tent, along with a video on how to use it. I also did some research (outside of her 2 hour training session) so I could recommend some cameras and lenses for her to use, since she was currently borrowing her sister's.

Another little random act of kindness that makes the world a tiny bit more jolly to live in.