8 Questions to ask your baby photographer before you hire them

22nd March 2016
Here are 8 great questions to ask your baby photographer before you hire them so you don't end up choosing a 'wrongun!' and being disappointed with the results.

Can we meet you before we hire you?
Your baby isn't going to be a baby very long so it's important you find a photographer who's a good fit for you. It's important to have the chance to meet first and chat through the kind of images you're looking for, see the kind of products they offer and to ask the rest of your questions on this list.

There are lots of different types of baby photographer, from the high street chains where the service is consistent but rigid, through to a myriad of self employed, full time and part time photographers.

I always meet my clients for a no-obligation chat so you can explain what you're looking for, plan the session and see the quality of my printing and framing, before you commit to anything. This way there are no nasty surprises. You may have heard the horror stories about studios that aren't open about their pricing until you've already paid a session fee and fallen in love with the photographs.

What happens if we don't like the photographs?
If your baby photographs are important to you then you want to get them right first time. Particularly if you're looking for a newborn session as there's no time to have a disappointing session and then find another photographer.

Ask if the photographer has a money back guarantee. If they're confident about their work then they'll offer one. I will even do this if your baby cries throughout the whole session. It might not be anyone's fault, but there's no way I'm taking money from you if you're not happy with the results, whatever the reason is.

How long is the session?
This is another important question. I don't put a time limit on the session and that's one of the reasons I can be so confident of getting heart-melting images of your baby every time. If your baby cries, needs changing, feeding or cuddling then we can wait. No worries, we work around your baby's schedule, not mine. Removing time limits removes all the stress and keeps the session fun. Almost every session has to be paused for nappy changes and feeding and it's no trouble at all. Beware of baby photography sessions that are only 30 minutes long as it doesn't leave any wiggle room.

Is the rest of the family allowed to be in the photographs?
Some baby photographers either don't allow / aren't set up for / or charge extra for siblings and parents to be in the photographs. I'm happy for the rest of the family to be included at no extra charge. For babies of 6 months and older I like to suggest we all go outside and do some creative images in the woods or in a meadow (assuming it's warm enough for the little one and not raining).

What happens if we have to postpone our appointment?
I appreciate babies get sick more often than we do, so I understand if you need to cancel an appointment. Just let me know as soon as you can and we'll reschedule at no extra charge. There's no cancellation fee like you'll get with some photographers.

What products are available?
My heart is in creating beautiful images of your children that you can display proudly and turn your house into a home. I use the very finest frames, canvases and print labs to ensure your photographs will look just as gorgeous in 40 years as they do now.
This is one of the key areas low end photographers save money, so make sure that you actually see the quality of what you'll be getting before you commit to anything. A price list on a website is pretty meaningless when you can't see the quality.

Is there a minimum order or minimum package?
If there's a minimum package and the photographer isn't offering a money back guarantee that you'll be happy with your baby photographs then this can be a combustible combination! You could end up committing to a lot of money despite not being happy with the results.

I don't have a minimum order or minimum package. I try to ensure that I create photographs that you'll love so much you'll be happy to invest in them. Photographs of your family are one of the few things in the world that actually get more precious over time.

Do we get a discount for multiple sessions?
Your baby will change dramatically over the first year of their life, so it's nice to capture their development over the first 12 months. Something I've started is 'The Little Angels Baby Plan' where you can pick 4 sessions from the following options: Maternity, newborn, 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 12 months. These are critical milestones in your child's development so they tell the story of their first year. I offer a 20% discount and a beautiful portrait box if you decide to join the baby plan.

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