Ramzi and his lovely family contacted me when they received one of my vouchers through Woodford and Co estate agents. The voucher entitled them to a free family portrait session and a free photographic print as a thank you for using Woodford. Since the spelling of Ramzi was obviously quite exotic I did what I always do and asked about his ancestry. It's one of the ways I can tick countries off my ManKIND project. I was delighted when he said he was Palestinian as I had expected that to be one of the trickier ones to tick off.

They loved all their family portraits so much they invested in them all, so it was hard for me to add anything extra, especially as the session had been free too! So, I decided to create an audio visual presentation of all their images for them. You can check it out here
I was particularly touched when Ramzi's wife Anna sent me this wonderful testimonial:

"Thank you, Dan, not only for taking some beautiful photographs of our family, but also for taking such trouble to find out what we were looking for and putting us at our ease. Most of all, thank you for what you are trying to do in your ManKIND project and for including Ramzi in that."
Anna Freij, Oundle