I was thumbing through the Peterborough Evening telegraph looking for someone I could help for my ManKIND project when I read a story about Nickie Kenning and her husband John's wonderful work with an orphanage in The Philippines. I was close to tears reading about how devastated she was after her husband passed away recently.

Although Nickie lives in Peterborough she goes out to the Philippines regularly to oversee the operation and roll her sleeves up.
I was determined to try and do something to help. I went to the orphanage's website and popped Nickie a quick email to ask if we could meet up for coffee to see how I could help.

We met at Costa Coffee in Serpentine Green and I suggested an idea that could help raise some money for her. I offered to give her 50 vouchers that she could give out. The vouchers would entitle the recipient to 25% off my family portraits and I would also give a further 25% of their total order to the charity.

It says a lot about how kind Nickie is that she seemed more worried about whether I'd make enough money to make it worth my time than she was about anything else.

I had to persuade her that I wasn't doing it to drum up business - if that was the case I'd only give her 10% ha ha!!

Unfortunately only one family decided to use a voucher. Perhaps it was fitting that the people who used the voucher were three sisters who wanted to buy their mother a nice portrait of the three of them for her to display on her wall.

Although it was only one booking, at least it raised £49 for the orphanage that it wouldn't have got otherwise. And as this blog post explains, £49 goes a long way in the Philippines! I'm happy to let this special offer run for the rest of 2015, so get in touch now if you'd like some treasured family portraits. Again, you'd receive 25% off.

You can read all about the orphanage and Nickie's wonderful work at I'm sure she'd be very grateful if you have any ideas of you can help her too.

Also, if you know anyone involved in a local or international charity then let me know, I'm generally happy to help if at all possible.