Looking for a Peterborough Wedding Photographer?

24th June 2012
If you’re looking for a Peterborough wedding photographer then here are some of the top things to think about before booking one:

Do they seem to care?
The best way of establishing whether a photographer cares about what you want is to notice how many questions they ask you. If they are rambling on about how they doing things and not taking the time to ask you about what you want then this is clearly a bad sign.

It’s your wedding, so you need a photographer who takes the time to understand what you do and don’t want. You don’t want someone who’s just going to turn up and treat your wedding in exactly the same way as they treat every other wedding.

Any decent portrait photographer will tell you that they get to know their subject a little first. Wedding photography is no different. You’re unique, so you shouldn’t be treated like every other bride.

Do they make suggestions?
An experienced wedding photographer should not only listen to what you want, but also make helpful suggestions. After all, the photographer has attended many more weddings and will have a wealth of knowledge that could be very useful to you. So, although I mentioned in point 1 that the photographer should be interested in what you want, they shouldn’t be afraid to share their experience. Clearly, any suggestions should be made sensitively and diplomatically.

Will they fit in well at the wedding?
Your wedding photographer will be spending most of the day with you and will be interacting with your family. You must be confident that they will represent you and your family with professionalism and impeccable manners. Do you trust them to be kind and polite, no matter what? I’ve had my equipment broken in the past and my response was a simple ‘no problem, it’s all insured’.

What equipment do they have?
Speaking of broken equipment - check whether your wedding photographer has back-up equipment. Camera equipment does break down and if it happens on your wedding day and the photographer has no back-ups then you’re left with no wedding photographs.

What happens if your photographer is sick or injured?
Most photographers will do whatever it takes to get to your wedding, but what happens if it’s simply not possible due to breaking a leg, or a car accident? Do they have a plan in place if this happens? I have a number of photographer friends locally who I trust and I’ll even help pay towards the photography by way of an apology for the inconvenience. Fortunately I’m a healthy chap so I’ve never had any problems in the past (touch wood!)

Will you be another bride on a production line?
Some photographers photograph between 50 and 100 weddings a year. This may sound like a good thing, but is it? How much care can and customer service can they lavish on you if they’re rushed off their feet? How much planning can they do when they’re photographing so many weddings? You’ll be lucky if they remember your names! Many photographers who photograph this many weddings lose their enthusiasm. I have a family portrait business and some commercial clients too, so I’m always excited and inspired when I’m creating your wedding photos. I also have more time to create beautiful Photoshop effects that turn each wedding photo into a piece of art.

How much Photoshop will they use?
I Photoshop each and every photo I create at your wedding. The best photos have nearly always had some kind of Photoshop work done on them - even very natural looking photos. Sharpening, enhancing contrast and colour, creative effects, vignetting and many other techniques help to make your photos look so much more special, even if the photos still look very natural.

How soon will you receive your wedding album?
You don’t want to be waiting months for your wedding photos, so always check whether your photographer will guarantee how quickly you will receive them. I offer service time guarantees on all my various packages.

Do they have a money-back guarantee?
What happens if you’re not happy with your wedding photos, or how your photographer behaved on your wedding day? Will they sign a contract to say that they will give you your money back if you’re not happy for any reason? Check out my amazing wedding photography guarantee.

What’s unique about their wedding packages?
How much thought has your photographer put into offering packages that are different from everyone else’s. Call me on 0792 358 3658 to find out what wedding photography services I have that no other wedding photographers in Peterborough are offering.

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