Paul Odijie got in touch from Nigeria because he wanted to learn more about the business side of photography. I sent him a book which has many of the methods I use to help set me apart from the competition.
Although Paul was in a different country and therefore no threat to me in terms of competition, I've helped many local photographers too. In fact I have three assistants who I share all my knowledge with despite the fact they could end up a competitors.

I don't see fellow photographers as a threat. I see them as an friends and colleagues in the industry who understand the joys and struggles of being a professional photographer. One of my best sources of leads comes from the great guy and photographer We help each other where we can it it has helped grow our businesses together.

I've even defended another photographer's higher prices when a client thought they were 'ridiculous'.

If the world wasn't so desperate to 'get one over on the competition' it would be a happier place. Politicians might even be able to have sensible discussions rather focusing on beating the other side down. Even more importantly, footballer's might stop diving when they're tackled! ;-)