I love the great outdoors and i find any excuse to get mucky. I’m a bit like a baby bear grylls!

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not!”  Dr. Seuss

I love that quote from the classic children's book. It just seems to sum up the solution to most of life's troubles. Care!

I can't think of a more meaningful thing to create than family portraits and wedding photos that touch your heart.

After all, what's more important than caring about your family?

Aren't they the first possession you would rescue from a fire? What...? Your iPad! Shame on you! ;-)

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Life before photography

Back in April 2002 I met my Malaysian wife at a wedding while travelling around South East Asia with a friend. She was the wedding planner! 

11 months later we got married in Kuala Lumpur and I got to wear a crown, wield a sword (which I broke) and sit on a throne like David Beckham. They don't do subtle weddings in Malaysia!

No camera and faded memories

Back then I didn’t realise the importance of photography so we never hired a wedding photographer.

I wish I could give someone a pile of money to go back in time and capture exotic wonder of our Malaysian wedding.

Similarly, when my dad passed away the following year I realised we only had a few tiny, faded photographs of him. 

Dad was a real character - a blunt Yorkshire-man (although I'm from Cambridge) with wild hair and a wild wit. Why had we not bothered to photograph our family and the special days we'd shared?

That's when the penny dropped. As a portrait and wedding photographer I can help bring families together with images that remind them how important they are to each other. Photographs remind you that your life is actually pretty great and that you're really loved.

The Pay it Forward tribe helping the peterborough community

Me being ‘forced’ to hit the dancefloor at a client’s wedding and getting photographed with my own camera!

Me being ‘forced’ to hit the dancefloor at a client’s wedding and getting photographed with my own camera!

Behind the scenes on a family photography shoot. Here I am pretending to be a dog and picking up sticks with my mouth to help me get natural smiles and create family photography in Peterborough that captures the true personality of children.

how on earth did i get to marry my beautiful asliza? that was 2003, so i must have something going for me. she doesn’t look too happy though does she?


Stuff I love


Maybe! If you're cheerful and relaxed and don't take yourself too seriously then I'll probably want to hug you!

The Pay it Forward Tribe

It's a group in Peterborough that I joined who do random acts of kindness within the community - everything from feeding the homeless to litter picking and even giving out free hugs and cake in the street.

The ManKIND project 

This is my mission to do a random act of kindness for someone from (or with heritage from) every country on earth. Read the stories in the Gallery section.

Favourite movie

Officially it's The Shawshank Redemption. Don't tell anyone, but it's really 'My Dog Skip'. Marley and Me just makes me cry too much!


Since my wife and I don't have children we get to travel a fair bit. I have a very long bucket list to get through! My favourite place? I loved Komodo Island; it's like the land that time forgot with 3m Komodo Dragons roaming freely through the villages.


If it's furry, scaly or feathery then I want to take care of it. Except spiders. If one walks up the aisle at a wedding then I'm outta there!

Alaskan Bush People

It's a documentary about a family of 9 living wild in the Alaskan wilderness. The family is so closely knit and achieve amazing things by working together.

Uplifting Trance music

Yep - back in the day I used to love waving my arms in the air to obscure bands like Underworld, Leftfield and Eat Static. Here's me being photographed with my own camera by one of the wedding guests. They forced me to do it! Woop woop!