My funniest wedding photos

24th February 2018
Although I take my job very seriously and I'm a bit of a soppy romantic I still think a wedding day should be full of fun and laughter.

When people ask me about my favourite weddings it always comes down to the people. I love working with people who are a bit crazy and like to enjoy themselves.

The funniest wedding photos tend to be when I've captured a serendipitous moment, but sometimes you can get funny photographs that have been completely planned. Usually because the bride and groom are completely bonkers (or drunk!).

So, here are some of my funniest moments throughout the last 10 years of photographing weddings.

One of my favourite images of all time. Lauren on the left makes the photograph better than I could ever have hoped. I'll never forget her name!

This was actually taken on a 'divorce the dress' session where the bride was getting divorced and wanted one last hurrah with the dress before trashing it. We went to an urban regeneration centre in town and this piece of graffiti artwork was just itching to be used.

The groom was the Peterborough United Goalie and this was actually his idea. He wanted to pretend he was the bride showing off his ring to all the bridesmaids. One of the loveliest nutters you'll ever meet!

This was one of those lovely moments where things just came together nicely. This is the barbershop quartet taking a break. Not particularly funny, but a lovely moment nonetheless.

After the guys did a similar photograph I thought it would be nice to get one with the girls. They nailed it, don't you think?

This wasn't planned at all. I just caught the bride having a crafty wee dram before walking down the aisle. I've no idea where she was keeping the hip flask! A specially made dress I guess. ;-)

Two brides and their best friend sharing a not so romantic moment as they arrive at the venue.

What bride doesn't want a quick game of rugby after the wedding ceremony?

It doesn't take a lot of imagination to create your own story here...

I don't know. Honestly, I have no idea!

I gave my spare camera to this young lad and photographed him in action. He seems to have the bridesmaids nicely under control.

In a panic that she was hungry and wouldn't get another chance to eat for hours the bride is having a quick slice of dry bread and a cuppa two seconds before setting off to the wedding.

Why is it it's only the bride and groom who only get to kiss normally. Here I get the parents in on the action!

All sorts of wrong!

The bride's baby started crying in the ceremony so she did the vows while breast feeding. She was a big champion for breastfeeding in public and was happy for me to share. What a star!

Who's wedding is this anyway!

This is something I've done quite a few times and it always turns out really well. I challenge you to do create the craziest version of this photograph!

Yes, there is a chimney sweep kissing the bride. Apparently it's a lucky tradition somewhere in the mists of time. Who knew? I didn't, but luckily got this great image in the nick of time as it was over in a flash and he was gone.

This little lad was given a surprise birthday cake at the wedding. I think you can say he looks pretty surprised.

We flagged this ice cream van down as it passed the church as the bride was about to walk in. She was already late so couldn't really order one unfortunately.

This young lad kept avoiding me so I gave him the do not disturb sign.

The boy is the bride's son. Gold!

I wonder who wears the trousers...

Another one of my 'morning chaos' photographs.

They were all pretty drunk!

Even drunker...

And drunker still...

Got him!

The magician bewitches the bride.

Don't worry, he didn't.


He was so drunk he kept threatening to swim across the lake.

Fun in the hair salon. Luckily I'm already bald so they couldn't ruin my hair!

A traditional Cornish pasty for the wedding breakfast!

More morning chaos.

Yes, he has stolen his granddad's walking stick!

Serial killer wedding. Don't worry, this was all completely safe before I get any emails!


Zombie bride!

You look gorgeous darling!

Just a quick speech then!

As long as they're happy, that's the main thing!

I guess they like this song then!

Pulling monkey faces at grandma.

Got him!

Oh yes, you're mine now!!



I think the guy on the right thinks he's on a Milan catwalk...

Oh dad, please don't tell that story!

So, which one is your favourite? Leave a comment below.

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