This one was easy - my wife Liza is Malay, so I’ve had plenty of opportunities to be helpful. That said my wife and her fantastically generous family always give me far more than they ever receive.

Malaysian’s are genetically programmed to feed people so I’ve been repeatedly fed like a prize goose every time I visit their gorgeous country and I never seem to have to lift a finger to help. After 10 years of marriage I was finally told to get my own coffee by my brother in-law. That was when I truly knew I was part of the family!

Family ties are extremely strong in Malaysia – we do everything together. 10 of us even went on my brother-in-law’s honeymoon!

In return we’ve taken my in-laws to Paris and Istanbul and I’ve sent them countless family portraits. But truly, I owe my Malaysian family a huge amount. They welcomed me from day one. I was given their blessing to marry Liza despite the fact they’d only ever spoken with me on the phone.

I try my best to be helpful, but their hearts outshine mine consistently. I’m in awe.