Back in July 2013 Paul Gill emailed me to say his wife wanted some photography lessons so she could photograph the orphans at their orphanage in Malawi. He said they'd be returning in November 2013 for a couple of months before heading back to Malawi.

I was delighted to help and happily offered a couple of free hours photography training for Tracy and their daughter Chloe.

Paul and Tracy Gill selflessly run Hope Village orphanage offering education, medical support and a whole heap of love.

Check out the photos of the smiling faces from their website below (plus a quick snap I took of Tracy and Chloe in our lounge after the lesson).

If you'd like to support the orphanage you can sponsor a child, donate or volunteer - just pop to their website for more details.

Finally, here's what Tracy kindly took the time to write about my training:

"A big thank you from myself and Chloe, you are such a good teacher, we found your instruction easy to understand and would like to thank you so much for helping us. We really really appreciated your help and your time. We wish you success in ALL you do and if you ever find yourself in Malawi, you would be more than welcome to visit."