'Little Angels' Newborn baby modelling programme

Congratulations! I understand you're expecting a new baby in March or April 2017?

I have an exciting opportunity for a limited number of people. I'm offering a free photography session and free 7x5 print. You can purchase other photographs if you'd like, but there's no pressure (I'm only small so I don't make a good bully!).

Why is it free when I'm already so busy? Because I'm looking for more teeny, tiny newborn photographs (2-7 days old) for an exhibition and to try out some new techniques.

I'm afraid I can only select 5 winners because of all my other photography clients.

So, pop your details in the form below and I'll give you a tinkle on the phone (I thought tinkle would be appropriate!) to chat things through.

Newborn portrait modelling session

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