Baby Photography in Peterborough

Congratulations! You're amazing! Do you know why? Despite the fact you feel more tired, dazed and confused than a dormouse in a bike race you've still taken the time to capture these precious few months with your new baby.

The last thing you need is a headache trying to choose your photographer. So let me help explain some of the unique things that have made me one of the most popular baby photographers in Peterborough...

I have a money-back guarantee
You've probably heard the horror stories about photographers who let people down, for a multitude of reasons: poor photographs, poor service, rudeness, making you feel rushed, poor quality framing and printing, the list goes on...

If I ever felt I let you down I think I'd cry more than your baby!
That's why I'm the only photographer in Peterborough who guarantees their work. If you're not happy for any reason at all, you'd get all your money back. Fortunately it's never happened but hopefully it helps you feel you and your baby are in good hands.

No time limits - I'm only finished when you're happy
Most baby photographers put a time limit on the session, but I only stop once I know we've got some great images that I know will melt your heart. I'm happy to wait for nappy changes, feeds and tantrums. Removing the stress of time constraints means we can loosen up and have some fun. Plus, you end up with photographs that are more natural and relaxed.

"Dan is the only photographer I have met who takes his profession to another level of customer service. His calm and informal presence is reassuring and it feels like he is a friend of the family. We have some magical photos which will adorn our walls for a very long time and make us smile every day. thanks Dan."
Linda Marseglia, Peterborough

Parents and siblings can join in the fun
You're welcome to include the whole family in these photographs. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve to make the sessions fun for everyone.

In your home, outside, or studio style, it's up to you
You've got 3 great options to choose from. See which one is right for you...

Baby photographs in your home: This is what we call 'lifestyle photography' where we're actually utilising your home in the photographs. This is perfect if you want really natural photographs that capture your life as it really is right now.

For example, you could be cuddling your baby while relaxing on the sofa, or gazing out the window. Don't worry, you don't need to tidy up or fret that your home doesn't look like something out of Grand Designs! It's all about telling the beautiful, real life story of your family at this moment in your lives. Everything will look fantastic, I promise. And if it doesn't - I refer you back to my guarantee!

On location: I recommend this for baby's who are 6 months of more. Outdoor baby photography can be absolutely stunning because we can get really creative. Watching your baby interact with nature is timeless. Outdoor photography is probably the most peaceful way to spend a session because we'd be out in a tranquil wood with flowers, or Autumn leaves and your baby will look incredibly cute all wrapped up. This is my specialty. And yes, it works beautifully in winter too because I know a place where it still looks like autumn in winter!
...and if it rains we just rearrange at no extra charge, or do an indoor session.

Studio style: This would be done at our home studio in Hampton. Due to limited space studio sessions would not be able to include a second child. If you have two or more children then we can do the session outside or in your own home, which is more emotionally meaningful to you anyway.

"Got our portraits back from Dan Waters Creative photography. They are amazing, just need to reinforce the walls and get Andrew Duckworth to hang them! Thanks Dan. If you want great portraits this is your man!"
Michelle Duckworth, Grafham

See the photos in your home before you commit
I have amazing specialist family portrait software that shows you how your artwork will actually look in your home, before you invest in them. You can instantly choose between different frame styles and sizes and see them superimposed, to scale, inside your home. This makes it easy for you to choose the perfect wall portraits for your décor and wall space. A week or two after the session I'll meet up with you to help you choose the right products for your home and style.

"Dan's professionalism and fun nature made the whole experience for us unforgettable. I would recommend Dan to anybody and cannot thank him enough for the amazing photos he has given us!!"
Robert Jarvis, Peterborough

The UK's finest quality printing and framing
I only use the finest quality framing and printing so your photographs won't fade after a few years. I also offer albums too if you fall in love with all of the photographs and want them all in a coffee table book.
There are digital options too, but nothing beats a professionally printed and framed portrait displayed on your wall. It makes your house a home and will make you smile every time you look at it.

"Dan has been patient, enthusiastic, happy, and knowledgeable! His ideas and attention to detail have ensured that we had been spoilt for choice over gorgeous shots of our baby and our new family of three."
Catherine May, Bretton

Baby photography gift vouchers
If you'd like to buy a voucher for a loved-one then I'll post you one with any value you'd like on it.

What if my baby is ill and we need to reschedule?
No problem, I'm happy to reschedule at no extra charge so long as you let me know - please don't just stand me up as it reminds me of my teenage years!

Just be aware that I'm often booked solid so you may have a long wait and your baby may have doubled in size by the time I can get you booked back in!

"Dan has taken a series of photographs covering the first year of our beautiful daughter's life. His patience was exemplary at every session and he had no trouble pulling silly faces to get her attention. This has all resulted in some wonderful pictures that we will treasure forever. Simply put, he's amazing."
Tim Cowell, Hampton

How much is it?
It's £175 for a week day session and £200 for the weekend. You then put that towards whatever artwork you'd like, with options from £15. Don't worry, there's no nasty 'salesyness' - I'm only small and don't make a very good bully!

Sounds good Dan, How do we get started?
Please give me a tinkle (I thought tinkle would be an appropriate word for some reason!) on 0792 358 3658 or email me at with any questions.

And finally, here's a little video that explains how I can help and what I'm all about:

The most precious possession you'll ever own
I know it's a cliché that the first thing most people would grab from a house fire is their treasured family portraits and albums.... ...but it's true!

There's nothing more precious than professionally created images of the most important people in your life. They become even more special as the years go by because they hold so many memories.

A gorgeous wall portrait or album of your child is a permanent reminder of your love and of what's important in life.

Although time may stand still during those late night feeds, the next few months are about to be a blur. Every week your little angel is going to look and behave differently, so let's chat to see if I'm the right photographer for you and your family.

Warmest regards

Dan Waters
Tel 0792 358 3658
90 Eagle Way, Hampton Vale, Peterborough, PE7 8EA
The World's Most Helpful Photographer

More testimonials from happy clients...

" I can't believe how Dan has managed to take such brilliant photos of us and our daughter, something we always struggle to do! Dan, we can't thank you enough."
Gareth Mills, Peterborough

"From the initial consultation, right through to the final selection, working with Dan has been a pleasure. Meeting him in our own home meant we felt at ease when we were talking about what we wanted and he gave us some good advice about what would work and what wouldn't. The shoot itself was great fun and Dan managed to get smiles from the teenagers and the baby alike. Choosing the photos at the end was the hardest part because there were so many lovely images to choose from, but we got there in the end! I cannot recommend Dan highly enough - working with him made the whole portrait experience an enjoyable family event in itself. Thank you so much."
Joanne Hammond, Longthorpe

"Dan you are most definitely The Man!! You have done a fantastic job in capturing Shay. The patience and time you took to take pictures of our lively 11 month old son is very much appreciated. We will definitely use you in the future. Muchos gracias."
Vip Pittani, Werrington

"Dan you are an absolute delight to work with, your enthusiasm is infectious!! Over the years we have had the pleasure of working with you on so many projects -teaching us, photographing our fleet of lorries , capturing beautiful cheeky images of our granddaughter, portfolio pictures of our budding actor son and any day now you will have the task of photographing our new grandchild when it arrives! Whatever the project your attention to detail is wonderful, you have a very special way with all your subjects that puts them at ease. We look forward to working with you again in the future and promise you won't have to roll in the mud again, or have to be raised up in the air, or wait for the sunset!! Thanks again for everything."
Jill Wiles, Yaxley

"Wow, what an extraordinary bunch of photos. The quality of the images is one thing, but getting my three unruly boys to look angelic at the same time is something not many people are capable of! Many thanks, Dan, for such a wonderful record of an all too brief time in our lives."
Mark Jones, Wickhambrooke

"I just wanted to say the longer I have the photos you took around, the more I appreciate the characters you managed to capture on the day. Pics of the kids have turned out to be very true of their continually emerging characters!"
Hannah Phillips, Nassington

"Many thanks for a wonderful photo shoot with my son, girlfriend and granddaughter. Images are beautiful and will be hanging on walls of houses all over the country. Thankyou for being so obliging from all of us."
Keith Lilley, Peterborough

"Wonderful pictures of our little boy, thanks Dan. We are so pleased with our pictures of Theo's first year."
Charlotte Francis, Orton Longueville