I have three photography assistants that each help me on an ad-hoc basis. In exchange I offer as much advice as they need with their photography and the setting up their business. One of my assistants is a Latvian girl called Tatjana.

She responded to an advert I put on gumtree. I had 12 responses and picked the three best candidates.

Tatjana's obvious enthusiasm for photography was part of what persuaded me to choose her. One look at her Facebook page showed me she spends a great deal of time perfecting her craft. Too many 'wannabe' photographers don't put in the hard graft that's required to realise their dream of earning a living doing what they love. Tatjana is different. She seems to spend every opportunity she gets with her camera.

If you share this same passion for photography and would like to become a wedding and portrait photographer then get in touch with me - I may still be able to offer you the chance to build your portfolio, knowledge and experience by helping me on assignments.