I was visiting my old school friend Jon in London one weekend when the opportunity to tick Jordan off the list arose. Jon has a 4 bedroom house near Canary Wharf and rents out the other 3 rooms. I get to meet new and interesting people every time I go there. I'd actually planned to give some restaurant vouchers to his Estonian flat mate so I could tick Estonia off the list. However, as soon as I walked through the door I was greeted with one French guy and two Jordanians! I had a problem on my hands. I only had one set of vouchers and I've not ticked France, Estonia or Jordan off the list. What to do....?

I decided that play the averages. Since Marika (the Estonian girl) actually lived there I figured I could do something for her another time, while the Jordanians were just visiting. It could be a long time before I see another Jordanian again. The French guy was also an option, but I know France will be one of the easier countries to tick off.

Sorry Marika - I'll get you next time!

So, I gave £20 of Wildwood restaurant vouchers to 'Safe' and he was delighted (Canary Wharf has a branch of Wildwood so he wouldn't need to go far). What was really nice is I'd tried to give the vouchers to Safe's friend, who I'd been talking to, but he kindly passed them on to Safe. It's often the case that as soon as I do something nice for someone they either pass on the favour, or do something nice back for me. That's kind of the point of spreading the love, but it's nice to see it actually happen.

From now on I'm going to need to carry more stuff to give away so I'm not left snookered the next time I meet a cultural melting pot!

What ideas do you have for stuff I could do, or carry with me so I can do a random act of kindness 'on the fly'?