My wife Liza and I were passing the time in Labuan Bajo in West Flores, Indonesia. This tumbledown town has character, but it’s really just a stepping stone to the famed island of Komodo a few miles offshore.

We’d trudged the length of the rustic main street for no more than a mile, but in the ferocious equatorial heat it felt like a marathon. We were poised to retrace our steps when we spotted an interesting building. The Ayo Mandiri Foundation’s massage centre.

The charity was set up to train people with disabilities to become professional massage therapists. Having worked for the Royal National Institute for Deaf People this fantastic idea really connected with me.

We booked a massage session straight away and had a tour of the facilities. I provided photos for them and endorse their work online, so that other people passing through to see the Komodo Dragons will hopefully hear of their wonderful work.