Have you ever walked into a store and bought something and the shop keeper didn't even acknowledge your existence? There was no thank you when you handed over the money - nothing.

Good service is sadly getting rarer these days, but the Angel Spice restaurant in Stilton and their new sister restaurant the Bollywood Tiger in Yaxley are two examples of warm, friendly, local businesses that care about their community.

They've done a lot of great work for local charities including Macmillan Cancer Trust and Rotary.

This is just the kind of business I love to spend money with. I'll walk past a dozen shops or restaurants if I know a warm welcome will greet me at the last one. That's what community spirit is all about.

So, when Bashir and Thahir (Jay) told me they were revamping the Angel Spice website I was happy to create some images free of charge for them. My way of saying thank you for all the care, attention and beautiful curries they've lavished on me over the years.

Thanks guys!