Headshot photographer Peterborough

Why bother with a business headshot?

We all know actors, models and authors need headshots, but does a business person really need to bother?

Well, what's one of the first things you do when you're looking to hire or work closely with someone?

You try and find out a bit about the PERSON behind the service. You go to their website's 'About page' to get a feel for their personality. You may even check out their LinkedIn and Facebook profiles

You can have the best service in the world, but a poor photograph can undermine your professionalism. It can even turn people off if you don't look approachable, or the lighting is terrible and you look like a serial killer!
So how about not bothering with a photograph at all?

Well, people buy from people they like and trust.

Sadly we all judge a book by its cover, so professional headshots are critical if you want to make the right first impression.

Psychologically, if they can see your face and you look warm and welcoming then they're much more likely to get in touch. It's one more step towards liking and trusting you.

Wow!!! All I can say is they are flippin amazing!! Thank you so much. I want them all - you've made me look amazing. Love themmm!!! Honestly, thank you so much, they're just what I wanted.
Nichola Roberts - One of the 'D-day Darlings'

I regularly have clients tell me that they called me because I seemed like a nice guy when they looked at my website. Don't worry, it's not a trap - I am a nice guy in real life too! ;-)

How does the process work?
OK, so you're convinced that a professional headshot is a good idea.

What next?

You need to consider if you want a studio style photograph or a lifestyle photograph where you include some of your environment.

Which style you choose depends on whether you feel the environment is an important part of your service.

If you're a business consultant you may want to include your slick, modern office in the background.

If you're a chiropractor or beauty salon you may want to show how relaxing and serene your environment is.

If you're a landscape gardener you may want to be surrounded by a beautifully manicured garden.

If you're a singer you may want an environment that complements your style.
When you book me I'll give you advice on the kind of clothing that does and doesn't work in portrait photography. That way you can come dressed in a way that's going to help you look your best.

"Wow, Dan, I just got in from work and WOW man, there are some lovely shots here. Debbie should be home anytime now, and rest assured we'll have much to discuss. Thanks so much for your time, help and encouragement thus far. You'll hear from me very soon. Can you feel my smile?"
Steve King - Ex-Singer in The Drifters

There are no time limits for the session because I want to ensure you love your headshots. I'd never want you to pay for something you're not happy with. However, on average the whole session, including choosing your photograph(s) is around 1 hour.

After the session I will go and retouch any images you've chosen so everything is perfect. For example:

  • Remove any skin blemishes
  • Subtle skin softening
  • Give your eyes some sparkle and remove any red veins
  • Make any teeth showing nice and white (don't worry - you won't look like Ross in that Friends episode!)
  • Any other adjustments you'd like.

I will then email over your photograph(s) using Dropbox (to avoid crashing your email system with massive files).

I met Dan at the Peterborough Business club and started using his services. I found him to offer a brilliant and prompt service. Would recommend him wholeheartedly.
Simon Chaplin - Greenstones Accountants

I will send them over in high resolution and low resolution, so you'll have them available for print and for web use.

What's the price?

Sessions in my home studio: You can choose between 5 professional headshots for £125 or one for £80. These images are headshots only, so I only photograph your head and shoulders, or down to waist height.

On location sessions and staff photographs: This can be a little more varied. We can do full length portraits and can be a little more creative with the environment and we can even do images that show you working. Or, we can photograph the staff of a whole company. These sessions are £100 per hour and include all the retouched photographs in high resolution. Minimum order of £200. Staff photographs normally take around 2 hours per 10 members of staff, but it really comes down to how quickly each person can be made available.

Call me on 0792 358 3658 or email dan@danwaterscreative.com and we'll get you booked in.