Family photos in a bluebell wood

11th May 2018
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There's something timeless about family photos in a bluebell wood.

Perhaps it's because bluebells only grow in ancient woodland.

Perhaps it's because it harks back to simpler times when families used to picnic in woods, rather than playing on the X Box.

Although there are several bluebell woods near Peterborough there's one that's better than all the rest.

It's better for several reasons.

It's secluded and very few people know about it.

It's also quite an open wood, without lots of brambles and scrubby bits that can ruin photographs in other bluebell woods.

There are also lots of ancient trees that are easy to climb and fallen trees that are great for posing large families on.

My favourite bluebell wood never gets muddy either, so it's easy to access and always looks amazing.

My approach to the photography
One of the reasons I love creating family photographs out in nature is because everyone is so much more relaxed, compared with a studio.

With the sun shining and birds singing it's peaceful, quiet and calm.

The children are able to be themselves and explore, while I capture these rare moments that will be gone in 5-10 years.

I always recommend you give your children the freedom to do what they want, rather than ordering them to smile or perform any specific tasks.

Leave them to me - I'm used to all different types of children, from the ones who rampage around and the shy ones who need a softer approach.

As you probably know, they're more likely to listen to a complete stranger than their parents anyway! ;-)

Patience is the key (plus me behaving like a childish buffoon!) and I've never failed to get photographs a family loved.

I don't put a time limit on the session, so if things don't start perfectly, don't worry. I'll get what we need.

Sometimes I'll get you all to sit in a certain spot and I'll ask you questions that are designed to get a smile or a laugh or get you to interacting with each other.

I often use a long lens so I can zoom in from further back which helps you relax.

I also adjust my camera settings to give a softness to the flowers and a depth to the photographs.

Of course I also sprinkle some 'pixie dust' on the photographs to make the light sparkle and your skin glow, too.

When is bluebell season?
Bluebells flower between mid April and mid May.

That's it.

That's another reason why family photographs in bluebell woods are so special. Not many people get round to doing it. By the time they've thought of it, it's too late.

So if you'd love some timeless family photographs among the bluebells then email me at or call me on 0792 358 3658

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