This was an exciting time for Jana and her family. She called me because her parents were over from Brazil to see her new baby and she needed some family portraits done quickly before her parents went home.

Normally I don't do sessions unless I have time to go meet up with the client and plan the photography style and location etc. with them.

However, when I discovered Jana was from Brazil I thought it would be a great opportunity to tick Brazil off my ManKIND project.

I turned up at their house to do the photography hoping to create some lovely images on the fly.

I'd brought a car full of props for the baby photography. Plus I'd asked Jana to text me some photographs of her home and garden beforehand so I could figure out the best place for the big family group.

I decided on a nice shady spot in the garden with some lovely ivy climbing a wall making a great backdrop.

The images turned out great and everyone Jana's parents were able to get their prints before they flew home.

Jana left me this lovely feedback:

"Thank you for the perfect job you did for us, the photos are beautiful! And thank you so much for the discount."