Wedding photos at the Talbot Inn, Oundle - Alex and Amanda

wedding-photos-talbot-hotel-oundle (51).jpg

Alex grew up in Oundle, so The Talbot Hotel was the perfect choice for their wedding. Well almost perfect, because Amanda is Canadian so her family had a bit of a trip! But then it’s a little hard to find a venue between Oundle and Ontario… Iceland perhaps…?!

The Talbot Hotel is one of those great wedding venues that are beautiful inside and out, so it’s not the end of the world if it rains.

We needn’t have worried. We had beautiful golden sunlight all day.

That’s one of the great things about a spring wedding - it’s not too hot or too cold and the sun stays relatively low so it’s not too harsh on the photographs.

Since Amanda is Canadian she qualified for my ManKIND project. This is where I’m doing a random act of kindness for someone from (or with heritage from) every country on earth. I decided to offer them a free 15 minute animated musical slideshow of their wedding which you can see below. They’re a great way of making yourself cry! It’s the combination of the music and photographs that get to people.

The wedding was one of those lovely intimate ones with around 20 guests. People are generally more relaxed at smaller weddings and it was certainly the case here.

It also meant we had plenty of time to go to the lovely grounds at Alex’s old school, just round the corner. We created some cracking romantic photographs and luckily there were no school children around to heckle us!

Alex's brother serenaded us all for the first dance and Alex and his mum wins the award for most enthusiastic dancer. Amanda's dad wins my vote for most emotional person on the day - yes he was even more overwhelmed than Alex and Amanda who were coolness personified all day.

Here are a few of my favourites from their super-chilled, Canada-Dry day!