Wedding at Barnsdale Hall - Sam and Rosie

There's no doubt about it, if you want a great view then you'll struggle to do any better than a wedding at Barnsdale Hall.

Perched on top of a hill overlooking Rutland Water this beautiful complex of lodges and historic hotel rooms creates a relaxing, natural setting.

Sam and Rosie had an outdoor wedding ceremony under Barnsdale's ornate pavilion to make the most of the scenery. Having that high vantage point in the blazing sunshine overlooking so much water definitely gave it the vibe of a Hollywood, hilltop/beach wedding.

Rosie got ready in one of Barnsdale's sumptuous hotel suites. The extra space seemed to have a calming effect on everyone... actually I think Rosie and her family are just very chilled people.

I know this because Rosie is the only bride I've ever met who had the confidence to get a bridesmaid to trim some hair off 45 minutes before the ceremony.


Like any wedding -it didn't all go perfectly...

...Sam's effort at doing a Formula 1 style celebration with a bottle of bubbly backfired when he somehow managed to spray the booze backwards towards himself and the rest of the bridal party. Check out the photographic evidence below.

But guess what?

Rosie and the rest of the guests didn't cop a strop...they laughed it off and cracked on with enjoying the day.

And did Sam cop a strop when his best man showed a slideshow containing his winky?

No, he just held his head in his hands and had another blast from his hip flask!

Anyway, all was forgiven when the best man called in Mr Blobby. Apparently Sam is obsessed with the character and practically violated Mr Blobby as soon as he saw him.


The guests were just as much fun as Sam and Rosie.

There were Olympic and Commonwealth gymnasts at the wedding, as well as some local ones who Rosie coaches.

I threw down a challenge to one of the girls...

I said "If I can walk 8 steps on my hands will you do spin through the air for me?"

She agreed.

I crushed the hand walking and subsequently captured a fantastic shot of a gymnast flying through the air in a summer dress!

Below you can check out a small selection of the fun, crazy and romantic moments from Sam and Rosie's wedding at Barnsdale Hall...

The rest of the wedding suppliers were:

Bridal dress: Wedding Belles and Beaus in York

Florist: House of Blooms

DJ: Peri at Periodic Events

My assistant photographer: Ian Crabb