Patrick and Anna are a warm and friendly Belgium couple we met on holiday in Kenya. They loved adventure and were one of the few people who were happy to risk booking a day trip with one of the 'beach boyz' who patrol the palm trees near the resort.

Sadly their camera broke just before they set off on their trip. Not being able to capture photographs of such a special holiday is pretty devastating. I offered to lend them my camera and email them the photographs when I got home. They were so happy to be able to capture these special memories. What's lovely is they really made the most of their opportunity by chatting as much as possible with the locals and immersing themselves in the culture. I was delighted to help fellow travel enthusiasts who know how to make the most of a holiday. Here are some of the photographs they took....
Holland 2
Holland 3
Holland 4
Holland 5
Holland 6
Holland 7
Holland 8
Holland 9