Baby photography ideas for 3 month olds

02nd December 2015
Baby photography ideas for 3 month olds

I don't like my clients to feel like their baby is on a production line. I'm constantly thinking up new baby photography ideas, buying new props and thinking of new locations. That said, there are still some 'old faithfull's that ensure I get beautiful photographs every time.

This post highlights a few of these tried and true ideas for 3 month old babies.

My 'Little Angels Baby Plan' is a unique and wonderful service for new mums. It's where I offer several photography sessions throughout the first year of your baby's life. It shows them growing up and tells the story of their first year.

There are several specific time periods to choose from:

  • Maternity
  • Newborn (which is up to around 10 days old)
  • 6 weeks (which is generally for people who missed the newborn session... can get pretty crazy for those first few days!
  • 3 months (This is roughly the time when your baby will be able to lift their head up if you place them on their front)
  • 6 months (This is roughly the time when your baby will be able to sit up without falling over)
  • 9 months (You baby will be trying to stand whilst grabbing hold of things for support)
  • 12 months (Your baby may be able to stand on wobbly legs for a few seconds)

OK, so we now know that 3 months is where your child is going to have a little more strength and they'll also be more expressive and inquisitive.

They're often able to distinguish and react to a smiley face (as long as it's within a foot or two) and happy positive noises, too.
So, with all this in mind, here are some of my favourite ideas for photographing 3 month old babies...

Happy Boppy Baby
A Boppy is the original 'C' shaped cushion designed for breast feeding. I pop two Boppys (one on top of the other) under a nice fluffy blanket so you can place your baby 'front down' where the gap is. The cushion of the Boppys supports your child on both sides and their face peeks over the top.

With a few silly noises and a smiley face from me this set up almost always results in lovely expressions, sparkly eyes and some happy tears from mum and dad.

Basket case!
Don't take this the wrong way, but I'm constantly on the lookout for containers to put babies in! Wicker baskets, antique suitcases, plant pots, chests, crates....
There's something timeless and evocative about these images and it doesn't matter if your baby is awake or asleep. Also, since they're contained within the container they tend to stay where you want them a little easier.... ...., well, a little!

Oh brother, what a sister!
When there are older siblings it's wonderful to include them in the images too. It makes things more challenging, but it also opens up even more scope for creativity and heart melting interactions.
I always recommend the parents leave the directions to me because crazy as it may sound children tend to obey strangers more than their own parents. Am I wrong!? Thought not. ;-)

Also, when there's only my voice it means they're more likely to be looking at the camera and it's less stressful for the children. Nobody likes to be given orders so I try and make the older child feel important and feel like they're doing a great job. The more fun it is and the more their ego is boosted the better they'll be.

Meet the parents
At 3 months a baby is able to interact more with the rest of the family. When they're much younger than that it's more likely they'll either be asleep or curled up in the parents arms. Nothing wrong with that of course, but at 3 months the baby is bigger and is able to do more and takes up more space in the photograph so they're not overshadowed by everyone else too much.

When I do sessions in a client's home and the parents want to be involved I love to do some of the photographs on their bed. With mum and dad on either side and baby looking up at them chuckling it's the perfect composition for helping everyone look their most natural, happy and connected.

Toying with your emotions
I have a whole bunch of props, but it can be extra meaningful if you include some of your baby's teddies and toys in the portraits. In 20 years time you'll be able to look back and fondly remember those teddies which may have aged somewhat themselves, if they even still exist. Photographs are one of the few things that get more precious with age, so the more things you can put in the photograph to make them even more sentimental the more you'll love them.

If you liked some of these ideas and photographs then please check out my 'Little Angels Baby Plan'. Even if your baby is already 3 months, we can still do a 3, 6, 9 and 12 month session so you'll always have treasured heirlooms of your baby that you'll be able to hand down through the generations. There aren't many better ways of demonstrating a family's love and unity.


Photo comment By Dee Smith: I love your photography ideas for a 3 month old im interested in a session if your available near me. Thank you X
Photo comment By Daniel Waters: Hi Dee, Thank you for the kind words. I'm in Peterborough in the UK. Where do you live?

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