I was honoured to be interviewed by Andrew Hellmich from Photobizexposed who runs one of the biggest photography business podcasts in the world. My small random act of kindness was to post him a little gift which I thought he'd like.... ...however it confused him in initially and perhaps even had him a little worried!

Let me explain.

When figuring out what to buy Andrew I went to his 'About Page' on his website to see if it had any clues. It did. He mentions that he's a big fan of the Shawshank Redemption, which is also my favourite movie.

I Googled to see what Shawshank related gifts were available and I figured a mug would be ideal. It's small enough to post to Australia, plus everyone likes having their own special mugs.

On the mug it said "Get busy living, or get busy dying", a quote from the film.

I figured it was appropriate because Andrew lives a life that he's passionate about through his photography. He's 'got busy living'.

Unfortunately Andrew had forgotten that line in the film, so when the mug arrived he may have been a little disturbed that he had a stalker!!

After all, it's not every day a mug randomly appears in the post mentioning the word 'dying'!

I'd pre-warned Andrew that something odd should be arriving, but he still wasn't sure it was from me.

However, it's a measure of the man that he took the time to record a video thanking me for the mug.

I once told an old Australian friend that I'd never met an Australian that I didn't like. He jokingly said "Go to Australia, there's millions of them!". Well, Andrew lives in Australia and he's a top guy too, so I've kept up my 100% record.

Thanks matey.