5 tips for a happy wedding

16th February 2012
1. Make your wedding YOURS
Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life so it should reflect your personalities, your tastes and your priorities. You don’t have to do what everyone else wants, or expects. An interesting side effect of this kind of thinking is that you can end up with a very individual wedding. For example, if you want your wedding to look beautiful but aren’t so fussed about the reception you could load up on flowers for the wedding ceremony, but have a more modest evening event. Or, if your friends and family are what’s important then you can save money on things like the limo, cake, location etc and spend more money on creating an engaging event for everyone else. If you stood up for your wedding speeches and said “Hey, I’m sorry there’s no wedding cake, but instead we’ve invested the money in a spectacular display of sky lanterns the wedding guests would be delighted that you’ve done something a bit different.

2. Prioritise what’s important
When you’re planning your wedding budget the first thing you’ll need to do is simply write down all the things you need to spend money on. Before you do anything else I’d advise that you rate the importance of each thing out of 10. The bride and groom should do this separately and you can split the difference where your ratings don’t match. When you know what’s important you can then start to look at the appropriate level of supplier.

3. Think about your wedding memories
Your wedding day is a day you’ll never forget right? Well, yes and no! You’ll always remember snippets, but there’s likely to be huge chunks that you’ll completely forget unless you do three things to preserve your memories. Firstly, don’t drink too much! I know it’s a stressful day but you’ll hate yourself if you wake up the next day thinking “What the hell happened!” The second way to remember your wedding is to make it memorable in the first place.

I’ve been to a wedding spanning two days where everyone camped out and there were makeshift bars set up in bunkers under the ground. It was a relatively cheap wedding because it was all done in what was essentially a farmer’s field. However it was still an amazing wedding because what they saved on the venue they could spend on flowers, food and entertainment. And the whole experience was just so different from any other wedding that you couldn’t help but remember it.

The final way to preserve your wedding memories is of course to hire a wedding photographer. On your wedding day the photography may not seem that important, but the next morning it’s the only thing you have left! A great wedding photographer will capture your wedding in such a way that it tells the story of the day – those magical moments that touch your heart. The photos will look so beautiful that they even seem to look better than reality. Yep, a sumptuous wedding album ends up being your most treasured possession, long after the flowers have wilted and the dress has been moth-balled for eternity.

4. Don’t lose perspective
The only thing that really matters is that you and those close to you have a wonderful day. And do you know what? The only thing that is likely to jeopardise your wonderful day is if you sabotage it yourself by fretting over things that don’t really matter. So, glide above the chaos and smile. Someone spills wine on your wedding dress? Pah, it’s just another thing to make your wedding more memorable. If you can laugh that off then everyone will love you even more than they already do.

5. Some people won’t even smile when you pay them!
On your wedding day there are lots of service providers who will actually be there on the day. There’s the wedding planner, venue staff, catering staff, the DJ, the photographer, the chauffeur and so on. It only takes one of these people to be a bit of a git to spoil the mood! And believe me, I’ve seen it happen. So, make sure you meet all of your suppliers and don’t just focus on what they offer in terms of a product or service, decide if you actually want to spend time with them on your wedding day. As for the wedding photographer, well, we stalk you all day long so you better be really sure we’re worthy of gracing your special day.

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