Photography lessons

The best way to learn photography quickly is with 1-2-1 lessons from someone that speaks in plain English and doesn't confuse you with jargon. Not only will I help you understand your camera and create beautiful compositions, I can also show you how to transform your photos to a professional standard using Photoshop.

Photography lesson gift vouchers
A photography course voucher makes a great present too. I'll print and post you an attractive voucher on photographic paper at no extra charge - a lovely gift for anyone from complete beginners upwards.

My lessons are completely tailored to your current skill level and what you'd like to learn. There's no rigid structure, but if you're just starting out these are the kind of things I generally help you with:

  • The major composition mistakes that most new photographers make (and how to avoid them)
  • How to adjust your exposure so your photographs aren't too dark or too bright
  • How to avoid having blurred photographs and how to know if it will be blurred before you even press the shutter button!!
  • The only camera controls that you really need to learn for the biggest improvements (huge time saver)
  • How to improve the “quality of light” that you are shooting in (easier than you think)
  • How the pros usually shoot in the most common situations and the camera settings they usually use (usually this takes months or years to figure out for yourself)
  • The quick and easy Photoshop tweaks that will transform your photographs into stunning images you'll be proud to put on your wall

If you're based near Peterborough here are 18 reasons why you'll love my one-to-one photography training.

1. I've been commissioned by CNN's travel website and been nominated as one of the top 10 breakthrough wedding photographers by so you can be confident you're learning from someone who knows their onions!

2. I can show you exactly how I created some of my photos like these:

3. I can show you how I transform photos using Photoshop like this…

Before - after

4. You get all my attention and a course totally built around your needs. If you want to focus more on Photoshop skills then that's fine; but if you'd prefer to learn about landscape, portrait or wildlife photography I can do that too. I'm totally flexible.

5. Unlike a college course you can dip in and out of the training and do as much, or as little as you want and for as long as you like. There are no ties at all and the course is 100% flexible to what you want.

6. I can put things in a simple language for you, cutting through all the jargon. I have spent 15 years writing product brochures and catalogues and websites, so I'm used to making complex things sound simple and interesting.

7. I produce step-by-step sheets for you to take away so you can practice what you have learnt. These sheets are all included in the price.

8. You can learn in the field - you won't be stuck in a classroom, we'll go out and you can learn by example and by trial and error. I know all the best places!

9. I can show you the best sources of information: useful websites and amazing blogs that will help you take your photography to the next level.

10. I can tell you the best places to find wildlife to photograph.

11. I will show you how to turn your photos into creative works of art using PhotoShop, HDR software and other useful packages.

12. I can show you how to promote yourself as a photographer if you decide you want to be a part-time or full-time professional photographer. I was a marketing manager for 15 years before I became a full time photographer. So, I know what it takes to stand out from the competition and offer a service people will appreciate more.

13. I can get up at the crack of dawn and come with you to photograph spectacular landscapes in the golden early morning light.

14. I started making money from photography within 3 years and I'm self taught, so imagine how quickly you could be taking professional quality photos. At least 4 of my students are now professional photographers and working in Peterborough!

15. I have two cameras and 3 lenses as well as all the software, filters, lights and other paraphernalia so if you don't have your own camera yet you can use mine while you build up your confidence.

16. If you want to take evening classes or a distance learning course that's fine, you can still use my services to help you get the best marks possible.

17. It's great value for money compared with college courses, day courses and buying dozens of online videos and E-books. In fact, consider it an investment as you could be making your money back before too long.

Photography tuition prices
You can either pay a session at a time at £40 per hour or you can save yourself some money and bulk purchase a series of lessons (payment would be taken in advance). A SECOND PERSON CAN COME AT HALF PRICE.

- 5 hours is £175
- 10 hours is £325

I'm also happy to teach the business side of photography (I was a marketing manager for 15 years). However, please note that my rates are doubled when talking about the business side of photography.

At least 4 of my students are well on their way to becoming full time photographers. If you'd like to earn a nice living doing something you love then I'll help you get set up. Just remember to send any double bookings my way! ;-)

18. Here's what some of my students have said about my photography training:

"Dan, Your the best! Amazing Photographer and an outstanding teacher! There is no where you can go and find such a caring person who is willing to share all of his talent that has taken years to learn! I have found that most photographers around my area, are not willing to share any knowledge in fear of having to compete with you! It is so amazing that you are so willing to help others out!!!!! Thanks for all the help! We really do appreciate it!!!!"
Debbie Vine

"Dan, you are a great teacher! Your are organised, easy to understand and very flexible. I enjoy every moment of your teaching and hope to continue further. I could never believe that a photographer could get so many compliments, this shows what a great photographer and a teacher you really are. I cannot thank you enough for your flexibility with all my numerous requests. I would thoroughly recommend Dan as a great teacher and a wonderful photographer."
Eva Hayes, Glatton

"After a photography lesson with Dan I learnt lots as he is extremely patient and his teaching is clear and very well pitched. I was especially impressed by Dan's flexability in helping me get some great photos including working very late in order so i could meet a deadline. Thank you Dan"
Paula Parker, Oundle

"Dan's photography training is excellent: completely tailored to my needs and great fun. Most importantly Dan is completely willing to pass on what must have taken him years to learn, so providing a 'short cut' for us novices!"
Glyn Thornloe (Glyn has now gone on to become a professional photographer following my training)

"Dan, thank you for being a fabulous teacher! Your teaching is clear, easy to understand and interesting. I’ve really enjoyed the learning and found all the tips and advice very helpful. I would defiantly recommend others to take up a photography course with you!"
Natasha Chilcot, Hampton

"Dan stood out from the rest in his field due to his unique approach to his website and the fact he was willing to teach the business side of photography. Dan was thorough in his approach with his calm nature and sense of humour making learning easy and enjoyable.
Dan was happy to teach everything I asked him to and I was particularly impressed with his transparent approach to teaching the business aspects of photography. Dan did not hesitate to share the secrets of his success which I think is very commendable and demonstrates that Dan is a very honest and professional individual dedicated to his chosen profession with a refreshing approach to customer care. Thanks again Dan!"

Alan Howe, Werrington, Peterborough.

"Had a great time on the 15th and have learnt a lot. All I see now is potential pictures and triangles!! Joking aside, I found the time together very immersive and eye opening. Anyway, I’m going to be snapping around London at the weekend. This should be fun armed my new knowledge."
Rob Williams, Peterborough

"Thanks for showing me what this camera can do. Keeping it simple was great for me."
Helen Todd, Peterborough

" My first proper camera and my first lesson with Dan yesterday. Started practicing as soon as I got home, great tuition all in plain English. The follow up email with the, again, plain English notes was great. It gave me time to absorb what I had learnt earlier. Will be booking more sessions in the future. Thanks Dan."
Liz Perry, Peterborough

"A big thank you from myself and Chloe, you are such a good teacher, we found your instruction easy to understand and would like to thank you so much for helping us. We really really appreciated your help and your time. We wish you success in ALL you do and if you ever find yourself in Malawi, you would be more than welcome to visit."
Tracy Gill (Tracy and her family spend most of their time in Malawi helping to run an orphanage - check out their website)

"Many thanks Dan for an amazing experience that has removed the mystery of digital photography and the use of a digital camera. In just 5 hours of tuition you made me feel confident in not only the use of the camera but getting the best results from my pictures. I look forward to moving it onto the next level."
Ken Greendale, Crowland

"If you are thinking of photography lessons Dan's the man to go to. Informative easy to understand and lots of back up literature. We thoroughly enjoyed it (and I'm 67 so you are never too old to learn). Thanks Dan"
Rita Mace, Peterborough

"Nearly finished my course of lessons, I have learnt so much, the outside practice with Dan was invaluable. His knowledge and patience put you at ease, and encourages even if you start to doubt your own ability."
Liz Perry, Oundle

Photography lesson gift vouchers
A photography course voucher makes a great birthday or Christmas present. I'll print and post you an attractive voucher on photographic paper at no extra charge - a lovely gift for anyone from complete beginners upwards.

Call me now on 0792 358 3658 to find out how I'll create you a flexible photography course that's completely structured around what you want.