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Are you bewildered by all the different wedding photographers in Peterborough? This page reveals what to look out for when choosing your wedding photographer and what makes my service a little different

I've also created this short video that hopefully shows how much I care about my clients. It also covers some of the reasons why I stand out from the other wedding photographers in Peterborough.

"I have so many wonderful photos of my wedding day thanks to Dan, I don't know which ones to choose to hang on the wall! Dan has a wonderful skill, and takes great pride in his work. He is very creative and spent time thinking of ideas of different shots he would like to try to do on the day. Dan blended in with all of the guests at the wedding, and we had a lovely calm, relaxing day. There were quite a few young children at the wedding, and Dan took pictures of them all smiling and enjoying themselves, not an easy task! We also 'rocked the dress' after the wedding which was great fun, and even more wonderful photos to try and choose from to put on the wall! I need a bigger house! I highly recommend Dan to take any photos, we were so impressed with him!"
Helen and Steve Deamer, Yaxley

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"Many thanks to Dan for his firm but gentle approach to taking wedding photos; he is easy-going, fun, unobtrusive and a top class photographer to boot. So much so that our wedding venue are now using his photographs in their brochures - he said it's because of our model looks (haha!) but really it's because he makes anyone look brilliant! Cannot recommend Dan and his amazing talent enough - thank you for making what could have been a stressful experience actually a really enjoyable one."
Matthew and Nicola Barber, Peterborough

Wedding photographers aren't all the same

Choosing your wedding photographer is difficult, right? Every wedding photographer’s website says the same thing and it’s impossible to compare all the different wedding packages.

This page is all about explaining why I’m different from other photographers...

...but first, how would you like a FREE book on how to choose the ideal wedding suppliers? I've written this book by interviewing some of Peterborough's leading wedding suppliers. They reveal their top tips and secrets for choosing the ideal venue, hairdresser, DJ, photographer, etc. etc. Pop your details in the form below and get it emailed straight to you so you can download it instantly (PLEASE CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER FOR THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL).

Thank you so much for your beautiful wedding photos. You were thrown in at the deep end at times on the day but remained completely professional and understanding at all times. How you managed to capture so many lovely photos and for us to hardly notice you were there is beyond me! We have so many beautiful photos to look back on in the future years which I know will make us remember every moment. All the photos were touched up and made to look perfect and I really appreciate the extra work you did after giving them to us. Thank you thank you thank you.
Kathryn Girdlestone, Thrapston.

1. No agonising over which photos to choose for your wedding album
I don't make you choose x number of photos to put in your wedding album(s), I create an album that has enough pages to fully tell the story of your wedding. My wedding albums are therefore much more comprehensive than other photographers. They'll normally limit albums to 50-75 photos, but my albums can hold hundreds. The investment remains the same, no matter how many pages it takes to tell the story of your wedding. It also means you have no heartbreaking decisions of having to leave people out of your album because there's no room, or leaving out treasured images you don't want to reject.

Before I create the album I'll show you all the images so you can make any last minute adjustments, choose your cover photo and give me any other requirement you may have.

Your wedding album(s) are stunning, hardback, A3 size, coffee table books that look like Vogue wedding collection portfolios. Most photographers provide smaller A4 or 8x10 albums, but I prefer this larger size so you can clearly see everyone's faces, expressions and personalities more clearly.

Another option is a CD of photos from your wedding day. The CDs come in a lovely presentation package with one of your photos printed over the CD itself.

2. Your wedding; your way!
Your wedding day is when you should be treated like royalty. It's your wedding, so I’ll create wedding photos in the style that you like. It's what you want that counts. Most wedding photographers have a certain style, but what happens if you like lots of different styles? Look around my website and you’ll see I’m able to provide everything from reportage and traditional photos, right through to artistic and fine art creative effects. You don’t have to choose – get it all!

3. I've photographed for the BBC and CNN
I don't want to bore you with my credentials, but my photography has been used by the BBC, CNN, The Wildlife Trust, The Royal National Institute for Deaf People and other illustrious organisations. Hopefully this gives you the peace of mind that your wedding photography is in good hands.

4. I understand how to use light and composition to make you look amazing
I won’t go tearing around flashing lights in everyone’s face! I have professional equipment that allows me to photograph in low light without flash bulbs annoying you, your guests and the vicar/registrar. I only use flash sparingly for creative effect, not out of necessity or inexperience.

I don’t just ‘point and shoot’. I visit your wedding venue before your wedding day to plan the photography and understand how the light will fall to create the most flattering and emotive photos possible. This also saves time when we take your photos on your wedding day, which means you can go back to the party and start enjoying yourself as quickly as possible.

I’ll capture what you ARE like, not just what you look like. This is what defines the perfect portrait.

"Dan was an absolutely awesome choice to have as our wedding photographer. From start to finish he has been an absolute joy to work with. He managed to en-capture our special day perfectly and all of our guests loved him as much as we do. We couldn't be happier with the final photos and we will enjoy looking at them for the rest of our lives! Thank you very much Dan,you've been brilliant! also if you don't quite like having your photo taken, Dan is perfect at capturing beautiful natural pictures of you! Not only did we choose a perfect photographer but we made a great friend. xxxxx"
Joe and Lizzie Day, Hampton

5. Every photo is lovingly enhanced
I spend hours and hours enhancing your wedding photos in Photoshop so that every single one looks beautiful and just the way you like it.

These subtle touches to colour, sharpness, lighting and contrast are what make good photos great. Most wedding photographers will only Photoshop a handful of shots, or none at all. I'll enhance every single one so everyone looks great. I take great pride over my photography and that’s why I ensure every photo is worthy of gracing your wedding album.

From the moment we met Dan he was very welcoming and helpful. He answered all our questions without hesitation and put his views forward which helped us immensely as there were things we wouldn't have thought about. All of my family commented on how lovely Dan was as a person and we wouldn't hesitate to have him again for any future events and I would 110% recommend him to anyone. He captured our amazing day from start to finish... originally we were not going to have the photo album... I am so glad we changed our minds. "Perfect " would be the best description of our photo album... THANK YOU!!!XXX
Jake and Lisa Wilson, Cardea

6. Don’t hire the weird photographer in the shadows!
There are many good photographers around, but stunning photos should be your minimum requirement from your wedding photographer. You deserve a photographer who understands that you come first and it’s your opinion that matters. And of course you want a wedding photographer who you like and trust enough to photograph your friends and family. I’m a diplomat first and a photographer second. I’ll treat all your friends and family with the utmost respect and courtesy. I’m a lovely guy who you can take home to mum!

Sure, I’ll sneak around and take photos while people are unaware, that’s how I capture special, emotional moments; but I’m not too shy to mingle and chat with your guests and create some fun photos too. I respect that you want a photographer who keeps out the way but isn’t afraid to interact and help people come out of their shells.

I realise most people aren’t comfortable in front of a camera. I work carefully to make sure everyone in the photos feels good and has fun. It makes all the difference to the photos.

I'll even roll around in the mud like this to get the photographs I need for you...!

7. Photos you'll love - guaranteed for life
Everything about my service is built around keeping you happy, so you can get on with enjoying your wedding. That's why I offer a money back guarantee - to give you the peace of mind that your happiness comes first. So, if you're not THRILLED with your wedding photos (not just satisfied - THRILLED!) I will give you all your money-back. I don't know any other photographers around here who do this. I've heard so many horror stories about wedding suppliers who've let down their clients. My signed guarantee demonstrates my confidence in my ability and my commitment to delighting every single couple who chooses me for their wedding. It's always an honour and I take the trust you put in me very seriously.

I cannot recommend Dan highly enough,its not just that he's extremely talented, he puts you immediately at ease, makes you feel that nothing is too much trouble, is happy to listen to your ideas, even though he's obviously the pro and generally makes the whole experience a pleasure. I sometimes find these things can be a little stilted, but not with Dan, we felt part of the process and that he was giving us his best, not just 'another photoshoot'. He was great on the big day, and we are so pleased with the results. If the photo's are important to you, THIS is the guy, its that simple.
Steve and Emma Raby, Yaxley

8. Engagement sessions
This is where I meet up with the bride and groom a few weeks before the wedding and create some gorgeous, romantic portraits which are usually taken outside, somewhere meaningful to you. Many couples then love to offer framed photos from the session to their loved-ones as a secret gift on the wedding day. Imagine giving your father a beautifully framed portrait of yourself just before the ceremony and seeing the tears of joy roll down his face as he reads the enclosed card telling him how much you love him. That's why I love wedding photography - I do it for the happy tears.

"There was never any question about who we wanted to hire to photograph our wedding after seeing Dan at a family members wedding.
As someone who is not a huge fan of having their photographs taken, Dan did a fantastic job of removing any awkwardness and making the experience extremely pleasant. He has this amazing ability to put everyone around him at ease and capture some beautifully natural photos.
He is always on the ball, always looking to capture the next best shot and full of great ideas. He even knew of some great nearby spots to make use of the countryside.
The quality of prints and albums Dan was able to source was outstanding as well, and we have received many many compliments from friends and family about how fantastic and friendly Dan and his assistant were at the event.
We would not hesitate to recommend Dan to anyone!"

David and Rosalind Pargeter, Oxford

Dan,first of all we can't thank you enough for your efforts before the wedding, ensuring you stayed in touch with us, and giving us such confidence. The pre-engagement shoot was fun and you made us totally at ease in front of the camera and we both knew our wedding photography was going to be in safe hands. You showed us how much you cared about our day from the first contact we had with you. The photographs really do speak for themselves, but not only are they beautiful but they also reflect the mood of the day perfectly. We are so pleased we choose you.
John and Christine Carvel, Peterborough

9. What happens if your photographer breaks their leg the day before your wedding?
Luckily I've never been to hospital and have never had anything worse than flu, but no photographer can guarantee they will be fit, healthy, or even alive on your wedding day! I have two safety nets for you. Firstly I have a great relationship with two other fantastic wedding photographers in Peterborough who could fill in for me. I trust them completely. But they're both in demand, so what happens if they're already booked? Here's what I would do for you - something no other photographer I've ever come across does. I would pay half the fee of any replacement photographer you chose. This takes away all the risk for you because you know that whatever happens you're going to have your wedding photography covered. It's my way of showing how much I care about serving you the best way I know how.

10. Trash The Dress / Rock the Frock wedding portrait sessions
After the wedding you can do one of two things with your wedding dress:

  1. Moth-ball it for years and never look at it again.
  2. Have great fun trashing or rocking it (it doesn't have to be trashed at all) with your husband in a fun and creative photography session. We can produce unique photos that sets your wedding photography apart from everyone else's.

Rock the frock sessions are best outside - ideally somewhere that contrasts or complements the serene beauty of the bride and the dress. You and your husband can roll around in the woods, pose in fields of wheat or turn some heads by rocking your 'thang' down the high street. It’s like a fashion shoot and a great way to round off your wedding memories.

"Dan took the most amazing photos of my wedding dress. Truly the world's most helpful photographer. We had such fun. This was a real symbolic and life changing time and Dan captured it all in such wonderful photos. I never stopped laughing all day."
Debbie Fitzpatrick, Greenwich - London

11. National Trust Approved Photography insurance
National Trust wedding venues won't accept any wedding supplier (including photographers) work on their premises unless they have insurance covering them up to £5 million. It's just in case the photographer swings round their tripod and harpoons it through a precious painting! Very few photographers have this level of insurance, but I do. So if you're getting married in a National Trust venue please get in touch with me on 0792 358 3658 to find out more.

12. A final word
Your wedding day only lasts a few hours and in years to come you'll find it hard to remember much about it (trust me!). But, if you have beautiful photos that capture every scene and every emotion, then you will be able to look back on your wedding day for a lifetime. I'll capture the smiles, the tears, the worries and the fears and you'll get a storyboard of the whole sumptuous experience.

In fact, it's often me getting caught up in the emotion of the day. I've often pretended to fiddle with my camera while I gather myself!

Wedding photography prices
Every wedding is different and I want to understand exactly what is and isn’t important to you so I can tailor a package that suits you perfectly. It really depends on the date, location, day of the week, the number of hours, the services you like and even whether you have a barn owl as a ring-bearer! Huh? Read on...!

...I offer discounts for weddings with particularly intriguing / off-the-wall elements, for example:

  • Barn owls acting as ring bearers (seriously - check out Exotic Animal Encounters in Whittlesey!)
  • Weird and wonderful themes
  • Exciting events - maybe a drive-by of Harley Davidsons, or an exchanging of vows in the Whipsnade Safari Park Lion enclosure (maybe not!)
  • Strange or exotic locations, from farmer's fields lit by candles, to stately homes and Scottish tree houses.
  • Overseas weddings

That said, I love the excitement, emotion and sensitivity of all weddings. The crucial ingredient is the deep and clear love of the special couple.

Take a look at this video to remind yourself of what love, life and family is all about...

I'm always happy to bend over backwards to help in any way I can, so please call me on 0792 358 3658 to talk through your requirements and set up a meeting. So, keep your wedding memories safe and let me be your wedding photographer. I look forward to serving you.

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