Wedding and Portrait Photography in Peterborough That Takes The Time to Capture What You ARE Like, Not Just What You Look Like.

Thank you so much for your beautiful wedding photos. You were thrown in at the deep end at times on the day but remained completely professional and understanding at all times. How you managed to capture so many lovely photos and for us to hardly notice you were there is beyond me! We have so many beautiful photos to look back on in the future years which I know will make us remember every moment. All the photos were touched up and made to look perfect and I really appreciate the extra work you did after giving them to us. Thank you thank you thank you.
Kathryn Girdlestone, Thrapston.

Are you finding it tricky choosing a wedding or portrait photographer? Throughout Peterborough, Oundle, Stamford and St Ives you’ll find dozens of photographers, so how do you know who’s the right one for you?

Why choose me?
My wedding and family portrait pages explain in great detail why you’ll love those specific areas of my photography service. However, the bottom line is that my photography is all about getting to know you and your family and understanding exactly what you want and like. Everything is tailored around you.

You won’t be treated like you’re on a production line.
Many photographers give you a ‘timed slot’. I believe beautiful photography and special moments are rarely captured when you’re working against the clock - especially when children or pets are involved! I give you all the time you need to ensure we create photos that you’ll love.

Whether you want wedding photos, family portraits or photos of your pets I will always take the time to meet you before the big day. This helps me understand what’s important to you and your aspirations for the photography. It also gives you and your family a chance to check me out and feel comfortable with me so everyone feels confident in front of the camera. We can then develop a plan to create a collection of gorgeous photos that will be in a style you like.

Every photo is lovingly enhanced
The creative process continues after the photography session. I’ll spend many hours turning each and every photo into a piece of art. I’ll add colour, contrast, sharpness, creative effects and use other techniques to ensure your photos exceed your expectations.

Every photo is wonderfully presented
You can also choose from a range of exclusive frames that are only sold to professional photographers. The story of your wedding is captured within stunning albums that would grace any coffee table.

I even have amazing specialist portraiture software that shows you how your photos will actually look in your home, before you invest in them. You can instantly choose between different frame styles and sizes and see them superimposed, to scale, inside your home. This makes it easy for you to choose the perfect wall portraits for your décor and wall space.

Money-back guarantee
If you don't absolutely love your wedding or family photographs then I'll give you all your money back. I'm here to wow you and if I ever fail then I don't deserve to be paid. I don't know any other photographers in the area doing this, but it's my way of showing how much I care about do my very finest work, every time.

Don't take my word for it!
I could bore you about how my photography has been used by the BBC, CNN, The Wildlife Trust, The Royal National Institute for Deaf People and other illustrious organisations, but I think it sounds better coming from my customers, so please browse my testimonials to read the kind words of some of my clients.

So, if you value owning fine art wall portraits and wedding albums of your family then don’t settle for ‘snaps’; have it done properly by a photographer who’s service screams 'nothing is too much trouble'!

Let's chat about what you'd like - no obligation
Call me on 0792 358 3658 or email me at so we can arrange a time to meet and go through how you'd like me to help.

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Blog - How to choose a portrait and wedding photographer in Peterborough

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10th May 2016

Now and then a couple ask me 'what's the point of an engagement session'. This post reveals how I answer. I LOVE the quote at the end, so don't miss that.
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22nd March 2016

Here are 8 great questions to ask your baby photographer before you hire them so you don't end up choosing a 'wrongun!' and being disappointed with the results.
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Mother's day family portrait special offer
16th February 2016

What does every mother want this Mother's Day...? ...More fun family-time with her children. They grow up fast. Babies become toddlers, toddlers become teens and teens eventually leave home. Whichever stage your family is at, capture it now with family photography. The images will conjure up happy memories and freeze this special moment in time for a lifetime.
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The 9 questions to ask wedding photographers before you hire them
07th January 2016

To help you avoid going to prison for murdering a wedding photographer who ruined your big day, here are the 9 questions to ask wedding photographers before you hire them...
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Sumptuous wedding at Castor House and Castor Church
26th December 2015

For many years I've walked past Castor House and wondered who on earth lived there. Well, now I know, because this year I had the honour of photographing a wedding reception there. The owner's sister (Catherine Mercer) was married to Anthony Macbride in Castor Church. The church sits proudly on a hill a short walk up Castor high street.
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Baby photography ideas for 3 month olds
02nd December 2015

This post highlights a few of my favourite baby photography ideas for 3 month olds.
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How I make sure I don't ruin your wedding photography!
20th November 2015

I was prompted to write this article after seeing a distressed bride complaining about their wedding photographer on It was so sad to hear how distraught she was, so I thought I'd explain some of the things I do to avoid ruining your wedding and put your mind at rest...
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Wedding at Yaxley Church, Peterborough - Steve and Emma
28th October 2015

Aside from the fact that Steve Raby and Emma Tavener were a delight to work with from start to finish, I was so pleased when they chose me to be their wedding photographer. Not because Yaxley Church is the nearest church in the world to my house. It's that Yaxley Church is also one of the most beautiful around and has the wonderful advantage of having a balcony at the front of the church and a mezzanine at the back.
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Family portraits in your home and garden
07th October 2015

Most photographers in Peterborough specialise in family portraits against a white background. However, I prefer to create your family portraits somewhere that you have an emotional connection with. Your home and garden is often the first place to consider.
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Wedding at Normanton Church, Rutland - Anthony and Amanda
24th September 2015

Many years ago before I was even a professional wedding photographer I went to Normanton church at sunset just for the pleasure of photographing it. So when Anthony and Amanda told me they were getting married there I was like a puppy welcoming home a soldier after a 6 month tour of duty. I tried not to lick them though....!
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Check out my photography exhibit at Serpentine Green Shopping Centre
27th August 2015

I'm honoured to have my wedding and portrait photography on exhibit at Serpentine shopping centre in Hampton. It's by the seats outside Next and Mothercare.
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Should you get a friend or family member to photograph your wedding?
15th August 2015

Should you get a friend or family member to photograph your wedding? We all have a friend or family member who's handy with a camera, so when you start your wedding plans it's natural to consider choosing them as your wedding photographer.
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Nick Jude and Emma Gibbs wedding at Orton Hall Hotel, Peterborough
29th July 2015

What a wonderful couple Nick Jude and Emma Gibbs are. Nick must be Emma's hero as he did almost all the wedding planning. When they first hired me I asked Nick what the most important thing about their wedding to him and his response was that he wanted to make it the best day of Emma's life. Best answer ever!
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Tony and Sue Wellington's wedding at the Talbot Hotel in Oundle
07th July 2015

When I first met Sue Briance and Tony Wellington I asked them to describe their wedding in three words. They said 'relaxed' and 'chilled' - in fact they're so relaxed and chilled they didn't need a third word!
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Matthew and Nicola's wedding photos at Bassmead Manor Barns
03rd June 2015

Bassmead Manor Barns is a perfect venue for wedding photos. It stands within the medieval moat of an ancient manor house and has beautiful open countryside all around. There are wheat fields in the summer and rape fields in the spring. The barn where the wedding ceremony takes place oozes rustic elegance and charm and the reception room is wonderfully light and airy.
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